This neon-colored Mercedes limo shoots FLAMES

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This is a neon-colored, turbojet-powered Mercedes stretch limousine. 

Made to look like a Mercedes-Benz W126, the bodywork is actually made with two pieces of fiberglass stuck together. 

Not a real Mercedes limo? Shocking, we know.

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The dragster is finished in blinding shades of yellow, orange, and purple. 

And if that’s not enough, it’s also got lightning bolt paintwork. 

‘Striking’ is really the only word we can use to describe it.


It’s got intake ducts on both sides and a huge aluminum wing out the back. 

But the wing is barely visible next to the massive 1953 Westinghouse J34 turbojet sticking out the back. 

The engine burns fuel fed from a side-mounted tank and additional thrust comes from a diesel-fueled afterburner. 

It’s also got two big parachutes mounted at the back.

Inside, the driver can sit ‘comfortably’ in a bucket seat surrounded by a purple roll cage. 

The dragster’s got a steering yoke and instruments to monitor the engine RPM, exhaust gas temperature and oil pressure. 

There are also hand controls for the throttle, chute, and afterburner.

The Mercedes limo was actually listed for sale on Bring a Trailer in August this year. 

But with a top bid of $23,000, it failed to meet the reserve.

The response to this was mixed. 

One commenter urged the owner to “take the money and run fast” and another added, “if aliens are looking back at earth, I can’t imagine what they might think”.

“I already feel buyer’s remorse and I haven’t even bid yet,” another said.

Others were legitimately shocked the reserve wasn’t met, especially considering a massive trailer was listed with the limo. 

“The trailer is worth $23,000 to me,” one said. 

“I agree, the trailer value is more than the last bid, and you get a free jet car lol,” another said.

Check out these photos we found of the flame-throwing Mercedes limo in action.

It might not be the latest Mercedes, but it’s packing some serious heat.


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