Over $50,000 cash flies from oblivious motorcyclist’s backpack as he drives down freeway

Published on Jul 06, 2023 at 1:07 PM (UTC+4)
by Kate Bain

Last updated on Jul 07, 2023 at 2:12 PM (UTC+4)
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Over $50,000 cash flies from oblivious motorcyclist’s backpack as he drives down freeway

This man just had the day from hell after his backpack broke, sending $50,000 worth of cash flying out as he drove down the highway. 

John Barrientos was riding his motorbike down Cebu South Coastal Road in the Philippines when he looked in his side mirror and realized what was happening. 

Luckily for the young rider, some motorists stopped to collect the cash and return it to him, but unfortunately, not everyone had good intentions.

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Speaking to a local radio station, Barrientos said he immediately pulled over and attempted to gather as much money as he could. 

“I saw the money flying from the side mirror so I stopped to pick it up, but then others were also collecting the money,” he said. 

Clearly devastated, Barrientos said, “I hope they will really return it, I don’t have money to pay for it all”.

It’s not clear whether the cash actually belonged to Barrientos or not. 

But the rider works at an e-wallet loading kiosk at a mall, so it’s believed he was just transporting it as part of his job. 

Footage of the moment has since gone viral online, with a very distressed Barrientos pleading for help from those around him.

The footage shows dozens of motorists stopped in the middle of the highway, bending down to collect the cash. 

Videos taken by Paul Lauro show them counting the cash to see how much was recovered and how much was lost. 

Mambaling Police Station said a number of people had since handed in some of the cash they found, but said around $18,000 was still missing.

The police have since issued a statement, asking anyone who found cash to willingly return it to the station or face legal action. 

“There are faces that can be seen there, we can see them on the video that was uploaded,” they said. 

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