These expensive purchases by celebrities are outrageously extravagant

From Jay Z's race-winning horse to Paris Hilton's dog mansion, which of these celebrities made the best investment?

by | Published on 11th May 2023

Celebrities love splashing cash on the craziest things that most people wouldn’t even think about.

From Jay Z’s race-winning horse to Paris Hilton’s dog mansion, let’s have a look at some of the most expensive things owned by these celebs.

5. Kendall Jenner’s sofa – $52,000

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Kendal Jenner spent an exorbitant amount of cash to buy a new couch for her home.

The 27-year-old model took to her blog to share her latest purchase, describing this ultra-expensive sofa as being “all woven and a really groovy navy with purple shimmer.”

The knotted sofa is made by Edra and at $52,000, it costs more than a family car.

4. Paris Hilton’s dog mansion – $350,000

Paris Hilton spent around $350,000 to build a mansion… for her dogs.

The house was designed to be a faithful (scale) replica for Paris’ mansion and, as you can imagine, it is adorned with lavish furniture and the walls are painted pink.

The 42-year-old socialite is known for her extravagance and her obsession with the color pink.

A while back, she had her Bentley painted pink, with matching pink upholstery and pink wheels.

3. Mike Tyson’s gold bathtub – $2.2 million

Mike Tyson forked out a whopping $2.2 million on a bathtub made entirely from 24-karat gold.

Spending seven figures on a bathtub sounds insane but this, believe it or not, was actually a romantic gesture.

This is because the six-time heavyweight champion actually bought the bathtub as a gift for his wife.

2. Bill Gates’ Leonardo Da Vinci’s journal – $30.8 million

Bill Gates was the world’s richest man for nearly twenty years, and he only recently abdicated his ‘throne’.

The 67-year-old billionaire once spent a fortune on something that’s extremely rare and unusual.

A while back, when he was still topping Forbes’ Billionaires list, Gates spent over $30 million on Leonardo Da Vinci’s journal.

He had the pages digitally scanned and actually added one of them as a wallpaper for an early version of Microsoft Windows.

His $30m investment, when adjusted for inflation, is worth nearly $60 million today.

1. Jay-Z’s thoroughbred stallion – $55 million

Jay-Z made what is probably his craziest investment yet when he purchased a thoroughbred, race-winning stallion.

California Chrome, a 12-year-old horse, is the Lionel Messi of the horse racing world.

He won American Horse of the Year twice, the Kentucky Derby and the Dubai World Cup among others.

Jay-Z spent a whopping $55 million to acquire the horse.



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