Aviation CEO gives confident prediction about supersonic jets replacing conventional planes

Faster, more sustainable, and more affordable.
  • He says these planes will be faster, more sustainable, and more affordable
  • His company is currently developing commercial supersonic planes
  • According to him, it will happen in our lifetime

Published on May 6, 2024 at 12:11PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on May 7, 2024 at 6:40PM (UTC+4)

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Aviation CEO says supersonic planes will replace normal jets

Boom Technology CEO predicts supersonic planes will replace today’s jet airliners.

He also says that they will be both faster, more sustainable, and more affordable.

The aircraft designer is currently working on the world’s first independently developed commercial supersonic planes.

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Earlier this month, the Boom XB-1 supersonic plane received approval from the FAA to exceed Mach 1 during test flights.

The test marked a very significant milestone in aviation history.

It might even be seen as the revival of commercial supersonic flights by future aviation enthusiasts.

After the Concorde’s retirement, it will be the first commercial supersonic plane to go past Mach 1 in the US.

So we might as well be witnessing a historic moment.

The aircraft designer plans to take everything they have learned from the XB-1 and implement it into their supersonic passenger plane, the Boom Overture One.

“In your lifetime and mine, [supersonic planes] are going to replace today’s jet airliners, and it’s going to be both faster, more sustainable, and more affordable,” Boom CEO Blake Scholl said.

While it is a nice future for frequent travelers, it might be a huge inconvenience to the sonic booms.

However, Boom is not the only company developing supersonic planes.

NASA is also developing a quiet supersonic plane that can go past the speed of sound without producing a sonic boom.

Scholl also said that the Concorde, built out of 1960s technology, had a £20,000 ticket, and it just wasn’t attainable.

Boom’s Overture supersonic plane’s goal is to “cut that by a factor of four, and be able to have supersonic flight available to the tens of millions of people who can fly business class today.”

Their ultimate goal is to provide flights “that are faster” as well as more affordable and convenient.

Let’s hope we can see a future like that soon.

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