The 6 most futuristic, tech-advanced cars on show at CES 2023

From the Peugeot Inception Concept to the Lightyear and the Ram Revolution, these are the newest, most tech-advanced cars unveiled at CES 2023.

by | Published on 12th Jan 2023

These are the newest, most tech-advanced cars unveiled at CES 2023

From the Peugeot Inception Concept to the Lightyear and the Ram Revolution, this is the latest in auto technology. 

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Peugeot Inception Concept 

For starters, the Peugeot Inception Concept grille is a huge glass panel with three LED lights on each side which are supposed to look like a lion’s scratch.

And most notably, the car wears a windshield that stretches all the way down to the nose of the car, almost completely eliminating the hood. 

Its massive suicide doors open to a lounge-inspired interior.

It has no B-pillar either, which makes the interior look incredibly spacious. 

This concept has no normal steering wheel. 

Instead, it has a ‘hypersquare steering control’, and this does more than just steer your car. 

In the middle of the control is a screen, and above that is a halo gauge cluster. 

Peugeot says aspects of this epic controller will actually be seen in future models. 

Lightyear 2 

The Lightyear 0 was on display at CES 2023, previewing what we can expect from the Lightyear 2

The Dutch start-up broke ground with the Lightyear 0, becoming the first company to make a commercial go of a solar-powered electric car. 

The car is covered in little solar panels, from the hood to the roof. 

These solar panels draw energy from the sun and serve as a range extender for the electric battery. 

The Lightyear 2 is set to go into production in 2025 and will retail for about $40,000. 


DeLorean calls this the Omega and it showcases an entirely different design language for the brand. 

It’s a rugged, and ultra-futuristic off-roader with giant wheels. 

And it’s fully electric. 

It has pillarless doors that merge into the roof and massive tires with integrated rims. 

It also has huge glass panels that jut out of the car at the front and back.

These panels are actually the car’s headlights and taillights. 

And at the back, it has solar panels that resemble the bionic flaps found on the AVTR concept. 

CES cars 2023 – Ram Revolution EV Concept 

The Ram Revolution EV Concept has a truckload of innovative features that we can expect to see in future electric Rams. 

The suicide doors open to reveal a super spacious cabin with no B pillar. 

Ram calls the design ‘brutiful’, which is a mashup of brutal and beautiful.

This definitely describes the sunroof, which is divided into different sections, has a pattern etched into it, and glows with ambient lighting. 

The production version, which will have many of the same design features, is set for release in 2024.

Dodge Daytona Charger Concept 

The Dodge Daytona Charger Concept is described as “the future of electrified muscle”.

It retains the classic body lines, but electrifies them.

The concept has a light bar that stretches the full width of the car and illuminated logos everywhere.

The Charger also has a front wing called the R-Wing and it allows air to flow over the car more efficiently. 

The production car is expected to be very similar to what was on show at CES. 

CES cars 2023 – Zoox Taxi 

This fully autonomous vehicle is a taxi of the future. 

It’s fully electric, but interestingly, it projects sound when it recognizes people nearby to avoid any collisions. 

It’s designed for autonomous ride-hailing services.

Built for passengers, not drivers, you can do just about anything from the comfort of your seat in the cabin. 

From the cabin, which has a starlight roof by the way, you can adjust the temperature, change the music and navigate the taxi to your destination. 



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