Move over, Tesla – LG unveils crazy car display at CES

LG unveiled a plethora of displays at CES including a steering wheel one, and a touchscreen that doubles as a tablet.

by | Published on 3rd Jan 2023

LG Display has just unveiled an insane car display at this year’s CES – the Consumer Electronics Show that’s currently underway in Las Vegas, Nevada.

If you love to hate Tesla’s massive iPad-like display, you’re going to love / hate this even more.

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The CES started out as a tech show but these days it is also basically a car show.

This should come as no surprise because modern cars are defined by their software more than their engines and power.


Cars are so important that even LG, an electronics company, has its own car-focused stand at the show.

LG has developed three displays, one for the center console, another one for the dashboard and one on the steering wheel.

The first LG Display is a massive touchscreen with a ‘wrap-around’ design that covers the entire dashboard, including on the passenger side.

It integrates two separate displays into one: a 34-inch one in front of the driver and a 12.8-inch for the center fascia.

As ever, this display can be used for the infotainment and for information regarding driving conditions, weather and so on.

Some of the info can also be relayed on the 8-inch toucscreen display in the steering wheel.

The third display, arguably the most impressive, is a 17-inch foldable touchscreen located in the center console.

The craziest thing about it is you can actually remove it and it becomes a tablet.

Even though LG doesn’t make cars directly, the company’s focus on EVs is growing through its sub-divisions LG Mobility and LG Display.

So far, LG has worked with the likes of BMW, Mercedes-Benz and even Porsche.

However, LG may eventually take a leaf out of Apple’s book and develop its own vehicle.

After all, other brands like Sony and even Huawei have already done it.



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