Watch this G-Wagen transform into CAKE in trippy video

From raining Lambos to a Mercedes G-Wagen that turns into a cake, these CGI effects are so realistic they're hard to believe.

by | Published on 28th Feb 2023

YouTuber Vertex.cgi has been sharing videos to showcase how Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) can create incredibly realistic videos.

CGI is used in every Hollywood blockbuster these days, and the things you can do with it are getting more and more crazy.

G-Wagen Cake

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Let’s start with the G-Wagen that turns into a cake.

It looks realistic, almost like you can cut a slice with a kitchen knife.


Liquid tarmac in the desert

This next one shows a Lambo driving in the desert before the tarmac turns into liquid.

Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

In the clip, the Lambo is seen driving down an empty road in the middle of the desert when the tarmac liquefies and ‘swallows’ the car.

No Lambos were harmed in the making of this video.

CGI effects – ‘Battery-powered’ truck

Were it not for the aforementioned G-Wagen Cake, this would probably be our favorite.

What they did with CGI was replace the concrete mixer of the truck with a giant battery.

The sort of battery you use for your TV remote.

The end result looks oustanding because it looks absolutely real.

CGI effects – Raining cars

Remember the raining cars scene from The Fate and the Furious movie?

Universal actually did crash some cars for this scene but they also used CGI.

As Vertex.cgi proves, you can actually do it using just CGI too.

The result is uncanny.

The blue SUV falls and crashes into the tarmac and it not only looks convincing but sounds it too.



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