ChatGPT plug-ins will change the way we use the internet

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, wants to integrate new plug-ins to turn the chatbot into an 'everything' search engine with real-time updates.

by | Published on 17th May 2023

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, wants to become the ‘Google’ of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Aside from the ultra-powerful and equally controversial chatbot, the company is working on new plug-ins to make internet browsing easier and faster.

More importantly, OpenAI is working on a new web-browsing feature that allows users to access real-time information.

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Thanks to the new feature, which according to OpenAI is actually already available, users will be able to access updates in real time to provide accurate info.

The newest update has a dual purpose.

First, it would turn ChatGPT into a de-facto Google competitor, as in a proper search engine.

And second, it would be a significant upgrade for ChatGPT because in its current form, the software that runs it has only limited access to data and information made available after 2021.

OpenAI also wants to integrated third-party plug-ins and services to improve the experience, such as Klarna (payment system and shopping), Expedia and Kayak (hotels, fares, etc).

The AI ‘war’ is on, and internet giants are already battling one another for dominance in this new market.

Right after the mainstream explosion of ChatGTP, Microsoft announced it would rebrand its long-forgotten search engine Bing and turn it into an AI-powered chatbot.

Meanwhile, Google launched Bard, its own chatbot, and things didn’t go smoothly.

Bard gave a factually incorrect answer within hours of the launch, and Google stock tanked as a result.

It seems the issue hasn’t been resolved yet, since users still complain about Bard’s errors.

And then of course there’s Elon Musk.

The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, and owner of Twitter, has often been vocal about the dangers of AI.

Even so, the tech billionaire recently announced a new company with a focus on Artificial Intelligence.

Maybe because, as we all know, if you can’t beat them… join them.



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