China developing rail gun longer than Boeing 737 for launching astronauts into space

China's space projects are truly amazing!
  • China is planning on launching astronauts into space using a hypersonic rail gun
  • They will use a huge electromagnetic track to speed up a hypersonic plane
  • This space plane will weigh 50 tons and stretch longer than a Boeing 737

Published on Apr 14, 2024 at 3:05PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Apr 15, 2024 at 3:23PM (UTC+4)

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Rail gun to be made by China larger than Boeing 737

China is gearing up for an exciting journey into space with a unique project: launching astronauts using a hypersonic rail gun.

The groundbreaking idea blends recent breakthroughs in electromagnetic launch and super-fast flight.

This idea will open new doors for space travel.

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The main aim here is to use a huge electromagnetic track to speed up a hypersonic plane to Mach 1.6.

Once it’s zooming along at this speed, the plane will break free from the track, fire up its engine, and zoom into near space at seven times the speed of sound.

This space plane is also a real giant, weighing 50 tons and stretching longer than a Boeing 737. It’s all part of the 2016 ‘Tengyun Project’ by China

This project is super important for China’s space agency.

By solving the big challenges of traditional lift-off methods, like needing loads of fuel and tricky aerodynamic designs, China hopes to make space travel safer and more efficient.

So, projects like this and Tianwen-1 will make China a leader in space exploration.

Chinese scientists and engineers are pretty sure that electromagnetic launch tech can tackle these challenges.

To test this out, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) built an amazing two km test track in Datong, Shanxi province.

And that’s not all!

There’s another high-speed track in Jinan, managed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), for super-fast sled experiments.

All in all, these moves show China’s seriousness about space exploration.

With its advancements in electromagnetic rail gun research and top-notch manufacturing, China is taking the lead in space exploration.

If this hypersonic rail gun project succeeds, it won’t just send astronauts into space but show the world that China’s at the forefront of space exploration.

After all, who wouldn’t be impressed with cheaper space missions and safer space travel?

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