11-year-old Chinese boy’s school essay goes viral for outlining a financial plan to buy a luxury car by age 18

The boy has big dreams – and there's nothing wrong with that.
  • The 11-year-old Chinese boy’s essay went viral online after his teacher shared it on social media
  • His essay outlined his plans to save enough money to buy a luxury car by the time he turns 18
  • Accepting that he might not save enough money in time for a Bentley, his alternative dream car would be a Porsche

Published on Nov 15, 2023 at 5:53PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Nov 17, 2023 at 2:54PM (UTC+4)

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Chinese boy wins social media hearts with school essay

An 11-year-old Chinese boy has won the hearts of the internet with his aspirational plans.

The story goes, the primary school student wrote a school essay about how he plans to buy a luxury car by the time he turns 18.

His essay has gone viral online, after his teacher shared it on social media.

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“Recently, I’ve been thinking that we need money for everything in our lives. I dream of buying a Bentley, but it costs three to four million yuan. How can I achieve my dream?” his story started.

The Chinese boy, from Zhejiang province, wrote the essay to complete a weekly assignment about his thoughts and activities.

Despite his tender age, the boy set the ambitious goal of making enough money before turning 18 – the age when he can get his driving license in China.

“I have seven years before I turn 18. What can I do in that time to make the money?” he wrote.

The boy then laid out detailed plans of how to save money, although – as he stated – they often fall short of the goal.

“If I save 100 yuan ($14) every day, I will have tens of thousands of yuan in seven years, which is not even close to the cost of a Bentley,” he wrote.

He suggested working part-time for his family after turning 18, although he wouldn’t make enough before the self-imposed deadline.

He added that a 10-yuan reward for his parents for high test scores would also be insufficient.

“I will receive the yearly lai see (lucky money) from my parents and grandparents for the next couple of years. If I do not spend anything, I think I will have accumulated just 300,000 yuan ($41,000),” the boy wrote.

The youngster concluded that it was unlikely he’d make the deadline because buying a Bentley would require a stable job and monthly salary.

He also realized that he probably won’t have saved enough until he is in his 50s.

“I’m afraid I won’t be able to realize my dream, so I will have to adjust it and buy a Porsche for one million yuan instead,” the boy concluded.

The boy’s teacher expressed her concerns about the materialistic nature of his dreams.

But the Chinese boy has good reason for dreaming big.

Apparently, the boy’s mother said his father likes cars and shared his passion with his son.

“There are many luxury cars in the garages of our residential community, and when we pass them he often says that he’s like to save money to buy a car in the future,” his mother was quoted as saying.

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