This Chinese Hummer EV copycat has its own crabwalk

And it has four electric engines, one for each wheel.

by | Published on 1st Sep 2022

This is the Dongfeng M-Terrain, a blatant Hummer EV copycat for the Chinese market.

And there’s more than meets the eye because the Chinese Hummer also has its own crabwalk.

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So what exactly is the Crabwalk?

In short, it is a unique 4-wheel steering system that allows the vehicle to move diagonally, like a crab.


The only issue is that the GMC Hummer EV’s ‘Crabwalk’ system is indeed patented – and it is also quite sophisicated.

It’ll be interesting to see how – and if – Dongfeng actually pulls that off.

The range-topping Hummer has three engines and over 1,000 hp but Dongfeng decided that wasn’t enough.

According to the company, the Chinese Hummer has four motors – one for each wheel – and 1,073 hp.

It is also a lot lighter than the Hummer.

The GMC truck weighs a whopping 4,350kg (9,603 lbs), while the M-Terrain tips the scales at just 3,100kg (6,900 lbs).

Chinese manufacturers regularly build knock-off vehicles and almost always get away with it.

This is mostly because it’s very difficult to prove copyright infringement when it comes to shapes and angles.

Having said that, Dongfeng might argue that this vehicle was technically built under license.

This is because back in 2004, Dongfeng acquired the rights to build an army vehicle based on the original Humvee.

Check it out, it looks exactly like the original H1.

And the price? No one knows yet but a similar model that Dongfeng launched a year ago had a price tag of $92,000.

It doesn’t sound like a great deal when you consider the Hummer EV starts at $106,000 and the Hummer SUV starts at $82,000.

But it doesn’t really matter anyway because the M-Terrain is only available in China.

And that’s unlikely to change anytime soon.



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