‘Chinese spy balloon’ might have just been someone’s $12 hobby balloon

The US Air Force has poured millions into shooting down suspected Chinese spy balloons. But now it's believed one was just a $12 hobby balloon.

by | Published on 20th Feb 2023

The US Air Force has been shooting down a collection of massive white balloons it believes are part of a Chinese spy mission. 

The unidentified flying objects have sent the internet into a frenzy, with many believing them to be actual UFOs. 

But now it’s believed at least one if not more of the balloons are just $12 hobby balloons sent into the sky by totally normal everyday people.

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The Air Force was adamant the balloons were sent by China to spy on its military sites and spent millions to destroy them. 

In fact, each missile fired at a balloon reportedly cost the US $400,000. 


The Air Force first shot down a balloon over the Atlantic Ocean on February 4. 

Since then, the force has shot down another three suspicious objects. 

And as for these other ones, well, they can’t find any information that points towards China.

Now National Security Council spokesman John Kirby has admitted they “haven’t seen any indication or anything” that would suggest the balloons were sent by China.

And to muddy the waters even more, now the Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade has revealed one of its balloons is missing. 

They said one of their big silver balloons reported its position off the coast of Alaska on February 10 before losing contact. 

It was the very next day on February 11 that a US F-22 fighter jet shot down a suspected spy balloon in the very same area.

US Air Force officials remain adamant that the first balloon it shot down was in fact a spy balloon sent to surveil military sites in the country. 

China of course denies this. 

China says the first balloon did belong to them, but it was never sent to spy on the US military. 

Instead, it says the flying object was a runaway weather balloon.



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