Chopard celebrates Dia de los Muertos with a trio of striking timepieces

Published on Oct 31, 2022 at 2:13 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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Chopard celebrates Dia de los Muertos with a trio of striking timepieces

Chopard is celebrating the ‘Dia de los Muertos’ with three striking timepieces.

Despite the playful nature of the dial, they’re actually quite expensive.

One of these watches costs $500,000.

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All three were unveiled to the public at the 15h annual Salón Internacional Alta Relojería México – also known as SIAR.

And since this is Mexico, Chopard wanted to celebrate one of the country’s major holidays in style.


But what exactly is the Día de los Muertos?

The Día de los Muertos – ‘Day of The Dead’ in English – takes place right after Halloween.

It is a traditional holiday that started in pre-Hispanic Aztec times and it’s still a big deal in Mexico.

The iconic ‘Calavera’ – the Mexican Skull – embodies the spirit of the holiday and it is featured in each piece.

Let’s start with the Skull One Calavera Pop Art – chiefly because this is by far the least expensive.

It is limited to 25 pieces and fitted with a 40 mm stainless steel case in black.

The dial is festival of colors.

In addition to the blue, green and yellow Calavera – you’ve got the red and yellow decorations and titanium grey hands.

This model is priced at $11,700.

The second timepiece is a ‘sequel’ to a similar model that Chopard unveiled for last year’s Dia de los Muertos.

This award-winning watch is fitted with a 18k white gold case and adorned with hand-engraved Mexican motifs, including Calaveras, roses and guitars.

It is a truly spectacular piece and it even won an award in Geneva in 2017.

And it’s pricey, it costs $514,000.

The third and final Chopard timepiece was made for charity.

The 40mm pink gold case houses a hand-engraved Calavera on its dial.

It’s a pièce unique and it’ll be auctioned off in December, for this year’s TimeForArt auction.

The proceeds will help support young, up-and-coming artists.

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