This 69-meter concept yacht comes with an epic underwater suite

And above the water, this yacht is just as bonkers.

by | Published on 19th Oct 2022

This 69-meter concept yacht rewrites the rules of design. 

Normally, the best room onboard has epic views overlooking the water. 

But this one has a master suite built to sit under the surface, giving you incredible, unobstructed underwater views.

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The concept yacht, which is designed by Darin Osborne, is called Cantharus. 

In designing the concept, Osborne literally worked from the bottom up. 

His drawings started with the underwater master suite which is surrounded by 270 degrees of glass. 

Osborne designed it as an underwater office but said it could be redesigned as a lounge or master suite.

Imagine waking up to underwater views.


The suite also has special lighting which allows you to see what’s happening around you more clearly. 

Osborne wanted guests to be fully immersed in the underwater environment.

“The underwater lounge is a place to be surrounded by water and beauty,” he said.

Above the water, it’s just as epic. Well, almost.

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The yacht is an entertainer’s oasis. 

Its main deck aft has been built for parties, with a hot tub and massive 510-centimeter TV. 

The deck is also fitted out with a bar and DJ booth. 

Meanwhile inside, the main saloon has been designed to bring the outside in.

It’s surrounded by almost floor-to-ceiling windows allowing maximum natural light in, preventing that horrible ‘cabin-fever’ feeling some yachts give you.

The bridge deck has also been designed with a panoramic view over the water. 

Oh, and speaking of the bridge deck, this superyacht has a rotating pilot house – because turning your head isn’t for the super-wealthy. 



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