Watch Corvette Stingray get first wash in 34 years

The 1974 Corvette Stingray was on the brink of death when it was rescued from a bran after 34 years, but the before and after is huge.

by | Published on 14th Feb 2023

We’re a sucker for a barn find, especially when it’s a Corvette Stingray.

Throw into the mix a video of it getting its first was in 34 years, and you’ve got our idea of heaven.

Sad, we know, but there’s just something so satisfying about it.

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Our latest find, a 1974 Corvette Stingray, was in terrible condition after being hidden away since 1989.

Absolute blaspheme that it’s been parked up for so long, but it’s not for us to judge the owner.


Speaking of the owner, Terry explains in the video that she bought the classic Corvette Stingray in 1982.

Understandably, over the years the car has become covered in dust, dirt, and debris.

To make things worse, mice had also taken up residence inside, littering the interior with their feces and other debris.

Thankfully, a team of car experts and enthusiasts came to save the day, and this is how it went down.

Firstly, the team had to drag the Corvette Stingray out of the concrete hole it’d been sitting in for 34 years.

They then had the mammoth task of cleaning the exterior of the car, which was covered in years of grime and dust.

Their attention then turns to the interior, which they have to give an extensive vacuum to clear the mice droppings and debris.

Unfortunately, the mice had caused significant damage, leaving behind stains and nests.

Despite this extensive damage, the WD Detailing team managed to bring the Corvette Stingray back to its former glory.

Their work didn’t stop there, though, as they then removed the luggage rack and thoroughly cleaned the exterior, including the wheels and engine bay.

To be fair, those guys deserve a pat on the back, as they managed to bring the Corvette Stingray back from the brink of death.

The finished product is a peach of a classic Chevy Corvette that looks as good as new.

Don’t just take our word for it – have a watch yourself.



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