From an underwater villa to a suite inside a Boeing airplane: these are the craziest hotels in the world

You can sleep underwater, in a cave or even inside a decomissioned Boeing airplane.

by | Published on 7th Sep 2022

When it comes to travel, some people want luxury while others want adventure.

Some people, however, just want crazy.

And that’s where these hotels come in.

From an underwater villa to a suite located inside the fuselage of a Boeing airplane, these are some of the craziest hotels in the world.

5. Underwater villa in the Maldives – $9,999 per night

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THE MURAKA is part of the Conrad Hotel, a secluded resort located on Rangali Island in the Maldives.

This two-level residence is situated 16 feet below sea level in the Indian Ocean.


Above water, you’ll find two bedrooms and a bathroom with an ocean-facing tub.

In addition to that, the villa offers an outdoor deck with an infinity pool.

And you’ve got a personal 24-hour butler at your disposal.

Underwater, it has a master bedroom with a 180-degree view of the ocean around you.

The bathroom and the walk-in closet feature floor-to-ceiling windows and that means you’ll be constantly surrounded by fish.

Imagine that.

4. Cave Lodge in Arkansas – $1,600

The Beckham Creek Cave Lodge is exactly what the name suggests: a cave.

Located in the remote Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, the cave includes ‘regular’ bedrooms as well as a ‘Honeymoon Suite’, with a gourmet kitchen and a patio.

You even have your private waterfall in the hotel lounge.

There’s one obvious elephant in the room: it is located inside a cave, so do expect some humidity.

Should you get claustrophobic, all you have to do is walk out and enjoy the firepit with a BBQ grill.

3. The Madonna Inn in California – $286

Despite the name, the Madonna Inn has nothing to do with the singer, it is simply named after the founders of the hotel.

It is located in San Luis Odispo, a coastal town 190 miles north of Los Angeles, CA.

This hotel alone could fill the list of the craziest hotels in the world because no two rooms are identical.

The Floral Fantasy room, for example, features all-around floral decorations for the walls, the mirrors and even the sink.

Meanwhile the ‘Merry’ suite is a triumph of chandeliers and the Villa Rock looks like it was carved out of stones.

And then there’s the ‘Yahoo’ Suite where the bed is an actual carriage.

2. A cabin in the middle of a lake in Sweden – $275

The Utter Inn is literally just a lone cabin located right in the middle of a lake in Sweden.

Guests will be taken to the cabin with a boat and once you’re there, you’ve got a small canoe at your disposal.

Despite its minute size, the cabin has everything you need including a submerged, acquarium-like bedroom.

It’s one of the least expensive hotels on the list – starting at around $150 per night off-season and $275 during peak season.

There’s only one minor issue: there’s only one cabin, and it’s almost always sold out.

1. Airplane hotel in Costa Rica – $260

Officially known as the ‘Fuselage Home’, the hotel suite is located inside a refurbished 1965 Boeing 727.

The airplane is part of the Costa Verde resort and it is surprisingly affordable, with prices ranging between $260 and $400 depending on demand.

Inside the fuselage, you’ll find a bedroom, a bathroom and a living space / lounge with wooden furniture to match the forest outside.

There aren’t that many amenities inside the suite itself but you still have access to the rest of the resort, including the giant swimming pool.



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