Quiz: How much do you know about celebs and their crazy car mods?

From the weirdest Fast and Furious vehicle to Paris Hilton's iconic pink car, how much do you know about crazy celebrity cars?

by | Published on 24th Feb 2023

Did you know a famous singer is officially blacklisted by Ferrari?

And did you know that Jay Leno actually built his own concept car?

From the weirdest Fast and Furious car ever to Paris Hilton’s iconic pink car, put your knowledge to the test with our quiz about these crazy celebrity cars.

#1. What famous celebrity was blacklisted by Ferrari?

Justin Bieber was blacklisted by Ferrari for painting his 458 Italia blue.

Ferrari doesn’t want customers to fiddle with its cars, especially when it comes to altering the car’s color and badging.

#2. Who hosted MTV's tuning show 'Pimp my Ride'?

Rapper Xzibit hosted all 73 episodes of Pimp My Ride from 2004 to 2007.

The cast also included West Coast Customs employees and owner Ryan Friedlinghaus (pictured).

#3. Tokyo Drift: What is Lil Bow Wow's crazy 'Hulk' car based on?

Twinkie (portrayed by rapper and actor Lil Bow Wow) drives a Volkswagen Touran in Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift.

This is possibly the weirdest Fast and Furious car ever.

#4. What car did Paris Hilton paint pink?

Paris Hilton used to own a pink Bentley Continental GT.

She customized it so everything from the exterior to the seats and the wheels was pink.

Paris Hilton is actually a bit of a gearhead.

She also owns a Lexus LFA which, fortunately, is still in factory conditions.

#5. What German tuner is now also making boats?

Brabus recently decided it wanted to make speedboats, too.

And they’re getting quite good at it, too.

#6. Who did Jay Leno team up with to build his concept car, the EcoJet?

Jay Leno teamed up with General Motors for his EcoJet concept car.

The concept is powered by a helicopter engine (!) and runs on biodiesel.

#7. What is the correct term for Rick Ross' heavily customized Chevy?

Rick Ross’ heavily customized (and Gucci-themed) Chevy is a lowrider.

A lowrider is characterized by its colorful paint, massive low profile tires with shiny wheels and hydraulic suspension.



Great job!

You probably know more about tuning than West Coast Customs, Brabus and Xzibit combined.


Not great.

But you can always go over the answers and take the quiz again.

Nailed it? Make sure to check out more of our quizzes here!



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