Cybertruck winter test reveals its actual range

Another big promise Elon Musk couldn't keep.
  • One YouTuber put the Cybertruck’s range to the test
  • He livestreamed himself driving the truck from fully charged to completely empty
  • The results were shocking, with the truck only delivering 79% of what Tesla promised

Published on Jan 9, 2024 at 1:41PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Jan 9, 2024 at 6:51PM (UTC+4)

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Cybertruck winter test reveals its actual range
Tesla - Out of Spec Motoring / YouTube

Now that deliveries of the Cybertruck are finally taking place, we can see if the EV lives up to all the hype.

Elon Musk famously boasted that the truck would have a whopping 500-mile range.

A YouTuber has just run an experiment that proves this was pretty far from the truth.

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Those who have managed to get their hands on a Cybertruck have had several surprises.

There are the hidden costs of the car, including a $1,995 delivery fee.

Some have found it hard to park, most notably Pharrell who eventually gave up trying.

One feature that everyone has been curious to put to the test, though, is the car’s range.

And a recent livestream shows it’s not as impressive as we were promised.

YouTuber Kyle Conner decided to evaluate a Foundation Series Cybertruck.

After fully charging it, he took his truck onto a highway in Texas, keeping an average speed of 70 miles an hour (112 km/h).

As the car’s battery reached the lower percentages, he headed to a mall parking lot where he drove around until the car came to a complete stop.

Tesla advertises this model as having a range of 320 miles.

Conner’s livestream, which you can watch in full if you have five and a half hours to spare, shows the Cybertruck lasting 254 miles (408 kilometers).

That’s about 79% of what Tesla promised.

It’s worth noting that several factors can affect an EV’s range including weight load, tires and weather.

Cold weather significantly reduces range, and this experiment was conducted during relatively chilly conditions of 45°F (7°C).

Tesla has stated that it will offer a range extender in the future.

This device will increase the truck’s range to 470 miles (756 kilometers) and will take up a third of the vehicle’s already smaller-than-expected bed.

Viewers were grateful for Conner’s thorough and insightful experiment.

“If this is not magically improved, and it’s really hard to guess how could it be improved at this point in production, I’m not sure about the purchase,” one commenter said.

“They really need city range and highway range estimates,” another said.

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