Cybertruck spotted at supercharger ignites new concerns for would-be owners

The new footage is giving us our closest, most detailed look at the Cybertruck yet, but it's also highlighting a brand new cause for concern.

by | Published on 7th Sep 2023

The Cybertruck has just been spotted at a Las Vegas supercharger and it’s highlighting a potential issue for soon-to-be owners. 

Footage of the EV on charge was posted to X today and gives us the closest, most detailed look at the truck yet. 

But of course, X users have found issue with it.

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In the video taken by Tesla Uber Guy, we can see the truck wearing RC on the side, which stands for ‘release candidate’. 

This indicates it’s the final version before the truck is released, so we expect the production model to be very similar, if not identical. 

So, when people spotted the charging cable, it was cause for concern. 

In the video, we can see the Cybertruck backed all the way into the parking spot, but the charging cable is still stretched to its limit.

There’s no slack and absolutely no wiggle room when backing into the spot. 

“Sweet, it’s backed up to the pole and the power cable barely reaches,” one man said. 

Another noticed the cable was so stretched it needed to be pulled tightly around the Cybertruck’s sharp edges. 

At more than 200cm (80 inches), the truck will be the widest vehicle in Tesla’s lineup by far. 

The Cybertruck’s charging point also sits a little further forward than it does on other vehicles. 

It’s just above the wheel well, so the cable has to reach a lot further. 

And this has people questioning its practicality.

“Wow, that thing is all the way back! Is this going to be convenient? Will we see an increase in damaged superchargers once Cybertrucks are on the road?” one guy asked. 

“You have to park that close to charge? I’m not good at backing up,” another said. 



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