Tesla sending out important texts to Cybertruck reservation holders

  • Prior to its delivery event, Tesla received more than two million Cybertruck preorders
  • According to two Tesla employees, the company’s receiving a staggering number of orders per day
  • People are placing orders despite never seeing the pickup in the flesh

Published on Jan 12, 2024 at 7:48 PM (UTC+4)
by Adam Gray

Last updated on Jan 15, 2024 at 1:39 PM (UTC+4)
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Tesla sending out important texts to Cybertruck reservation holders

Literally everywhere you look on the internet, you’ll find mention of the Cybertruck.

As the electric pickup only started being delivered a month and a half ago, there aren’t many on the roads yet – plus, it comes with a pretty hefty price tag.

So what if you’ve not yet managed to spot a Cybertruck in the flesh but want to check it out?

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The crazy thing, there’s been no shortage of people who’ve placed a Cybertruck reservation, despite not knowing what it actually looks like in person.

Tesla already received around two million pre-order of the EV pickup truck prior to its delivery event and, according to two employees, they’re receiving a staggering number of orders per day.

That being said, it looks like Tesla is encouraging people to head down to dealerships to finally get a look at the futuristic pickup themselves.

Better late than never.

Reddit user, Xaxxus, posted on the subreddit r/cybertruck: “Tesla is sending out text messages to come check out the Cybertruck display units in dealerships.”

Accompany the post is what looks like a screenshot of a text message from Tesla, saying: “We wanted to share that the Tesla Cybertruck is now on display at Tesla Yorkdale.”

Let’s make one thing clear, though – this Redditor received the message because they’re ‘a reservation holder’ – which means they’ve put down a deposit for a Cybertruck.

However, Tesla isn’t just offering the opportunity to see the Cybertruck in the flesh.

The message also said: “Additionally, you can experience the Tesla powertrain with a demo drive in one of our other cars during your visit, which would also forgo the need to wait in line.”

Interestingly, some people shared their own experiences of seeing the Cybertruck at a dealership in the Reddit comments.

One said: “I was there today. Windows up. Bed closed. Doors closed. Staff can’t even touch it. Tesla staffer said he was dying to sit in it. Looked cooler in person than in photos but it was kind of a lame experience considering people are driving them on the streets already.”

Seeing the Cybertruck up close and personal worked on some Redditors, however.

One person wrote: “I had an invite to order, went to see our local CT, then drove a demo X, and a week later went ahead and ordered the AWD FS [all-wheel drive foundation series].”

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