Dassault’s new luxurious $75 million private jet is the ‘penthouse of the skies’

  • The Falcon 10X is the newest luxury business jet from Dassault
  • It has a queen bed and multiple living areas
  • The bathroom is bigger than one you might find in a New York apartment

Published on Nov 23, 2023 at 3:58 PM (UTC+4)
by Andie Reeves

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Dassault’s new luxurious $75 million private jet is the ‘penthouse of the skies’

There’s a good reason the Falcon 10X is dubbed the ‘penthouse of the skies’.

The private jet is the epitome of luxury.

But a queen bed, proper shower and multiple living areas don’t come cheap, and the Falcon 10X has an eye-watering price tag.

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French aircraft expert Dassault just launched the Falcon 10X private jet.

Besides being outrageously opulent, it’s also a beast performance-wise.

The ultra-long-range jet can travel 7,500 before needing a refuel, which means you can fly to the opposite end of Earth ‘on a tank’.

It’s top speed is 710mph, putting it up there with the likes of the Gulfstream G700 and the Bombardier Global 7500.

Falcon 10X was designed with comfort in mind, featuring a shower, multiple living areas, and a queen-sized bed.

It boasts the biggest cabin in the market at 6 ft 8 inches tall.

The bathroom is roomier than one you’d find in a New York apartment, and with more natural light too.

It features a marble floor, a shower with a seat and a vanity area.

In the bedroom is a generous queen bed, along with ample storage and a TV.

Next door is the lounge area, equipped with anther TV, a couch and coffee table books by Yves Saint Laurent and Jean Paul Gaultier.

The main cabin has eight chairs upholstered in leather in an ultra comfortable rotating design.

The walls contain tables that can be conveniently unfolded and configured for business meetings and dinner parties alike.

The kitchen is kitted out to prepare the most gourmet version of plane food possible.

There are two convection ovens, a coffee maker and high-end crockery.

Dassault has designed this jet with business in mind, offering a configuration where the main cabin becomes a meeting room.

This private jet features more light than its competitors and offers customers one of the quietest cabins in the skies.

Of course, this unmatched luxury doesn’t come cheap and one Falcon 10X will cost $75 million.

The plane is only due to be released in 2025 so those who want to nab one have some time to start saving.

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