Former US Intelligence Officer testifies under oath that govt has UFOs and alien bodies

'What I personally witnessed, myself and my wife, was very disturbing'.

by | Published on 27th Jul 2023

A Navy commander has just testified under oath that the government has UFOs and even alien bodies in its possession. 

Intelligence officer turned whistle-blower, David Charles Grusch, said the US government secretly had non-human ‘biologics’ taken from UFO crash sites.

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Grusch made the incredible claim when asked by Congress whether the government had the “bodies of the pilots”.

“As I’ve stated publicly in my NewsNation interview, biologics came with some of these recoveries,” he said. 

When pushed on what that biological matter was, he said it was non-human. 

And with that, this former colonel at the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA), all but confirmed the existence of aliens.

When asked to elaborate on what exactly he saw, Grusch chose his words cautiously. 

“I have to be very careful here… what I personally witnessed, myself and my wife, was very disturbing,” he said. 

At the US Congress hearing into UFOs (officially referred to as unidentified aerial phenomena or UAPs), Grusch said he was essentially putting his career on the line to get the truth out there. 

“I am driven by commitment to both the truth and transparency, rooted in our inherent duty to uphold the United States Constitution and protect the American people,” he said.

The reason the hearing was held in the first place was because lawmakers argued UFO sightings were in the public interest and raised national security questions. 

Some even accused the US federal government of concealing important UFO information from the public. 

“The sheer number of reports, whistleblowers and stories of unidentified anomalous phenomena should raise real questions and warrant investigation and oversight. And that’s why we are here today,” Rep. Robert Garcia said. 

“UAPs, whatever they may be, may pose a serious threat to our military or civilian aircraft.” 



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