This watch is made from iron, and it costs more than a McLaren

De Bethune made a one-off piece that's very heavy to wear and extremely expensive to buy.

by | Published on 7th Jul 2023

Swiss watchmaker De Bethune has unveiled a new timepiece for the upcoming Only Watch auction.

It’s called the De Bethune ‘Seeking Perfect’, and it’s made from iron.

And the price will make you faint.

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The drop-shaped case is made from steel and forged iron, while the minute display is made from blue sapphire.

The magnifying glass on the right-hand side of the watch covers a tiny display with small numbers for the minutes, and slightly larger numbers for the hours.

It is everything but practical, but then again this is a collector’s item.

Art for art’s sake, if you like.

The case back features a small transparent window, too, designed to showcase the in-house tourbillon movement that powers it.

Just like all the other watches available for the auction, this is a piece unique, which is watch jargon for ‘one-off’.

And just like the other timepieces, it costs a fortune.

According to the Only Watch auction team, the De Bethune Seeking Perfect is expected to fetch anywhere between CHF 220,000 and CHF 270,000.

That’s equivalent to $245,000 – $300,000.

About Only Watch auction

Only Watch is a charity auction that takes place every two years.

Every watch sold is a piece unique made specifically for the auction.

This year’s auction consists of 62 timepieces from 62 different watch manufacturers including, among others, Zenith, Richard Mille, TAG Heuer, Tiffany, Tudor, Jacob & Co., Louis Vuitton and AP.



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