249-foot superyacht officially delivered to billionaire owner after 4 years of construction

  • Alvia, initially known as Project 822, was built in The Netherlands
  • Alvia is made from steel and aluminum
  • The yacht features a 21-foot pool on the main deck and a sports court on the foredeck

Published on May 14, 2024 at 4:19 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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There’s only a handful of shipyards that build the world’s greatest and most luxurious yachts, and Feadship is definitely one of them.

This is their latest ‘creature’, a massive 249-foot yacht called the ‘Alvia’.

It took four years, but she is finally ready to meet her new owner.

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When it comes to ownership, things aren’t always that clear with these yachts.

Everyone knows who owns Koru, of course, the massive sailing yacht commissioned by Jeff Bezos.

On the opposite end of the scale, we’ve got yachts that are owned anonymously or yachts like Mogambo (in the clip above), which is reportedly owned by WhatsApp co-founder Ian Koum.

As for Alvia, we don’t know who the owner is but we’re certain they’ll be very happy with the result.

Feadship began working on this yacht, initially known as Project 822, in late 2019.

Feadship, by the way, also build Project 821 (right before Project 822, as the name suggests), the hydrogen-powered superyacht reportedly build on commission for Bill Gates.

The yacht is made from a combination of steel and aluminum, and features a gigantic 21-foot pool on the main deck and a sports court on the foredeck.

She also has folding balconies for the suites, which by the way can be reached with an elevator, a gym, a spa and a terrace.

There’s also a wellness center on the lower deck.

Alvia has a range of 5,500 nautical miles, which is over 10,000 km.

For reference, the distance to Southampton, UK from New York City is around 3,000 miles.

Details about the yacht’s price are kept under wraps, but a yacht of this kind, built from scratch on commission, generally goes for tens of millions.

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