Guys build homemade Pagani Huayra from scratch and it looks like the real thing

A supercar replica that looks just like the real thing is almost unheard of.
  • A bunch of guys in Vietnam spent a year and a half building a homemade Pagani Huayra from scratch
  • They documented the whole thing in a 47-minute-long video uploaded to YouTube
  • They literally built the whole thing using nothing but their wits and a scale model Huayra

Published on Jan 11, 2024 at 7:16PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Jan 12, 2024 at 1:18PM (UTC+4)

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Guys build homemade Pagani Huayra from scratch and it looks like the real thing

There’s been plenty of supercar replicas popping up over the years.

From the Lamborghini Aventador replica that was secretly a Pontiac a GTO to the guy who built himself a Ford GT40 – they’re all valiant efforts.

But few come as close to the real thing as this Pagani Huayra made from scratch.

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If the truth be told, trying to build a replica supercar is easier said than done.

Cars feature a lot of components and, of course, an engine, which is nigh on impossible to replicate.

That hasn’t stopped these guys in Vietnam from putting in a strong effort, though.

The team managed to build a super-realistic Pagani Huayra from scratch, taking them a year and a half – and they documented the whole thing in a video.

The video may be 47 minutes long, but it’s certainly worth a watch, as they literally build a replica supercar using nothing their wits and a scale model Pagani Huayra.

The basis for their build was an old Daewoo Espero (a four-door, mid-size Korean 90s sedan), which they purchased for just $500.

After removing its engine, they began assembling a chassis from the ground up, and even built the suspension and steering rack from scratch.

As for the engine used, we’re not entirely sure what they went with, as the Espero came with a range of gasoline units (1.5L, 1.8L and 2.0L), but it was manufactured by General Motors, so the replica Pagani’s GM-powered.

Okay, it might not be the perfect replica, but the design is fairly accurate, and it might even fool a few industry experts from a distance.

A lot of the details are spot on, like the operational active aero elements and how they’ve managed to hinge everything right, like the gull-wing doors, hood and trunk.

However, they are several details they couldn’t replicate, like the wheels and tires which aren’t the right size, and the wing mirrors that are too big.

It was always going to be a mean feat, but the bodywork isn’t as well rounded as it should be, the panel gaps are a bit on the wide side, and the rear facia isn’t exactly how it should be.

As for the interior, it does somewhat resemble the real Pagani Huayra, but the materials used aren’t as nice, the build quality isn’t up to scratch, and the instrumentation is very amateurish.

That doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate a solid attempt though, and that’s exactly what can be witnessed in the below video.

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