Man has created unbelievable ‘truck house’ to travel around Alaska

  • This YouTuber handmade one of the most quirky mobile homes we’ve ever seen
  • It’s designed to look like a log cabin
  • The reason he used wood is pretty ingenious

Published on Dec 29, 2023 at 9:14 PM (UTC+4)
by Andie Reeves

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Man has created unbelievable ‘truck house’ to travel around Alaska

This man took the concept of a mobile home and made it as quirky as possible.

Handmade entirely from wood, his camper is designed to look like a miniature log cabin.

While it looks tiny from the outside, it can fit six people inside and contains everything from a roll-out toilet to a functioning fireplace.

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Tim Johnson is the YouTuber behind the account Truck House Life.

Passionate about the great outdoors, he built a log cabin on the back of his 1996 Ford F350.

Now he spends his days traveling around Alaska and the rest of North America in his wooden dream house.

Some mobile homes are designed to be the epitome of luxury, and others are an exercise in looking as stylish as possible.

Johnson, however, wanted his to be simple, functional and a place to socialize.

He chose the Ford for its power, and it’s able to pull both the weight of the camper as well as a trailer.

Because he often takes the road less traveled, Johnson added a 6-inch lift to his tires to accommodate for potholes and road vibrations.

“It’s like your house going through a 5.0 earthquake constantly so they have to be built strong if you want them to last,” he says.

Johnson chose to make his tiny home out of wood both for its aesthetic value and for another pretty ingenious reason.

Wood is a material that is found all over the world, no matter where you drive.

If a part of his home breaks or is damaged, he can easily find a local carpenter to help or a wood shop to do it himself.

He sealed the wood using Captain’s Varnish, the same product used to make wooden boats waterproof.

The roof is pitched so that water and snow don’t collect on it, and is fitted with a 100W solar panel.

The front porch really adds to the charm of this build.

There are two seats, with storage underneath them, for him and a friend to sit on and enjoy the view of wherever they’ve parked.

Johnson found himself receiving so many notes under his windshield wipers from fans of the log cabin that he installed a classic American mailbox here, too.

Inside, Johnson has managed to cram an incredible amount into the 8-foot bed truck space he had to work with.

There’s the kitchen area, with foldaway counters and an oven large enough to make lasagne in.

The fireplace sits opposite the kitchen which is crucial for fighting the Alaskan chill.

According to Johnson, six people can sit comfortably in his space, which has two sofas in it.

One unfolds easily to create a double bed, meaning the camper sleeps three people in total.

Johnson’s storage is in the floor and underneath one sofa, while the fridge slides neatly out from under the other one.

His toilet also rolls out and looks quite discreet, almost like a large rubbish bin.

Followers of his channel were blown away by the tour he gave of his surprisingly spacious mobile home.

“Put that thing in a museum!” one commenter said.

Another reason why Johnson decided to choose to live in a mobile home was the cost.

His license plate is a playful nod to his nomad lifestyle, reading ‘Y RENT’.

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