See inside the RV labeled ‘the epitome of luxury’ that is better than some houses

It includes underfloor heating a lavish lounge area and is elegantly finished with Nordic oak.
  • A vast RV that sleeps three is promising ultimate comfort
  • It boasts some surprisingly homely amenities
  • It’s 28-feet long to give passengers plenty of room to relax

Published on Nov 17, 2023 at 2:11PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Nov 20, 2023 at 10:23PM (UTC+4)

Edited by Alessandro Renesis

This lavish RV has been dubbed the “epitome of luxury”.

The 2024 Travel Master Imperial is Coachman’s first A-Class motorhome.

While other RVs favor survival, adaptability and even floating on water – this experience is all about ultimate user comfort.

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And its price certainly reflects the level of opulence.

The only spec currently available is the 845 layout, retailing for roughly $256,700.

However when you add the full range of optional, but arguably worth-it, extras that price quickly creeps up to almost $260,300.

So what do these extras include?

Think remote access to the vehicle’s control panel from your mobile phone and an electric awning system.

Even at its most basic, this 28ft long (8.53 m) RV has a luxe “home-style” design.

It includes premium leather upholstery, chrome fittings and Nordic-oak finishes.

Other deluxe amenities you can expect can be taken room by room.

The modern kitchen is equipped with Corian-brand worktops, a fitted sink and ample cupboard space – but probably not enough for a kayak!

Peek behind cupboard doors and you’ll find a fully operational gas stove, an oven and a grill above a spacious 171-litre fridge.

That means voyagers can get a bit more adventurous in the kitchen than putting canned food on the menu.

A small corridor heading off from the kitchen houses the bathroom area.

There you’ll find a central Domestic shower cubicle and Thetford swivel toilet to make sure you’re fresh to go while you’re on the go.

This leads to a spacious bedroom towards the rear of the RV where you’ll find somewhere to lay your head.

The spacious fixed island bed gives passengers plenty of space to spread out and really relax.

Plenty of wardrobe room is also nearby so you don’t have to live out of a suitcase.

Another electrically operated drop-down double bed can be found at the front of the RV.

Both beds are fitted with sumptuous mattresses for the best night’s sleep possible.

But it’s the large, open-plan lounge seating area where those aboard will spend most of their time indoors.

Surrounded by plush benches, driver and passenger seats will be configured for safety en route.

They can then be rearranged to face this space to socialise when the RV is parked.

Venture outside and the rear of the Coachman elite vehicle boasts plenty of storage space.

It also has a service port for gas and electricity connections – perfect for summer BBQs.

For cosy nights in, a DAB radio, premium sound system and TV bracket featuring satellite and aerial sockets come as standard.

The entire interior is fitted with dimmable LED lighting to suit whatever mood you’re feeling.

Areas with beds and seating also have reading lights, USB charging ports and a wireless phone-charging station.

What’s more, you can enjoy year-round touring without braving the elements.

The Travel Master Imperial comes with Alde wet central heating, underfloor heating, air conditioning, and ventilated overhead cabinets enhancing air circulation.

Mercedes-Benz power also adds a host of tech features, including a generous garage with remote control locking.

That’s not to mention the all-important, high-powered Mercedes engine to take you to wherever you plan to explore.

Want to see more? This YouTube video gives you a glimpse into everything the Coachman Travel Master Imperial has to offer.

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