Futuristic adventure camper concept is like driving an RV on a different planet

The interior is so spacious that a kayak can fit inside.
  • This ultra-luxurious electric RV charges in five minutes
  • The vehicle has a rugged exterior and all-terrain tires
  • But there are a limited number of suitable charging ports for it

Published on Nov 2, 2023 at 7:40PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Nov 5, 2023 at 5:39PM (UTC+4)

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Futuristic adventure camper concept is like driving an RV on a different planet

Get ready for the rise of the electric RV.

More and more car companies have been pledging to go all-electric, and now the RV manufacturers are catching up.

As the market slowly starts to grow, one RV in particular has caught our eye.

This ultra-futuristic-looking camper can recharge in just minutes and provides hotel-level luxury to your campsite barbeque.

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Choosing the van life and caring about the environment generally go hand-in-hand.

So it makes sense that there is a growing demand for electric campers and RVs.

First Hydrogen is leading the way, creating a zero-emission RV called Gen 2 that is both efficient and stylish.

“Connecting with nature is incredibly important for recreational vehicle owners,” Steve Gill, CEO of Automotive for First Hydrogen says.

“This concept indicates how a hydrogen vehicle could help people preserve the environment while enjoying van life.”

The vehicle has a rugged exterior and all-terrain tires, and it boasts a large front windshield and good ground clearance.

The roof is completely decked out with solar panels, and most notably doesn’t have roof racks.

That’s because the Gen 2 is so spacious that camping toys like kayaks and surfboards can fit inside without compromising the living area.

It also has a front winch and off-road lighting, with multiple LED displays.

These vans will use fuel cell electric technology, which means they are powered by hydrogen instead of only drawing electricity from a battery.

Refueling a fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) will be much quicker than the hours other electric cars need.

This is crucial for the success of the electric RV.

After all, spending hours waiting for your car to charge is not very #vanlife, is it?

The Gen 2 is designed to drive between 249 and 373 miles before needing to recharge, which takes five minutes.

The catch is there are currently only 60 hydrogen fueling stations in the United States.

So owners of the Gen 2 would have to ensure their trips took place in proximity of these.

This revolutionary RV is still in the concept stages though.

First Hydrogen hopes that by the time it’s ready to hit the streets, there will be way more charging ports.

It sounds like the Gen 2’s release date will be as futuristic as its exterior.

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