This futuristic camper swivels out to create an undercover decking area

It's called the Romotow T8 and it folds out just like your old swiveling USB flash drive.

by | Published on 30th Mar 2023

If this futuristic trailer reminds you of something, you’re not alone. 

Called the Romotow T8, this camper folds out just like your old swiveling USB flash drive. 

Now, 10 years after the design was first unveiled, the Romotow T8 is officially going into production.

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The camper is the brainchild of New Zealand industrial design firm W2

W2 designed it as a super-lightweight, modern alternative to your everyday campervan. 

The 30-foot Romotow has two elements, a fixed chassis and a center section that serves as your living space. 

With the push of a button, the center section of the Romotow trailer swings out at 90 degrees, creating a little undercover seating area inside the chassis.

The Romotow cabin itself is incredibly luxe.

With 290 square feet of living space, it has a kitchenette, a dining area, a bathroom, and a master bedroom. 

You can fit either a double bed or two single beds in the master and you can also add a lift-up bed in the dining room. 

The cabin has wraparound windows, flooding it with natural light and giving you a beautiful view of wherever you choose to call home that day. 

W2 says it can pimp the Romotow out too, adding mounted TVs, upgraded appliances and an outdoor projector with a multi-zone sound system.

Everything inside the cabin, as well as its hydraulic rotation system, is powered by a 200-Ah lithium battery. 

The battery is also supported by solar panels mounted to the roof of the camper. 

W2 has designed the camper to be ultra-light with a carbon fiber chassis. 

The savings in weight give the tow vehicle far better gas mileage too.

It sounds incredible, yes, but be prepared to pay good money if you want to own the Romotow T8. 

W2 is now taking orders for the camper, with prices starting at $268,500. 



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