This flying bike was inspired by Star Wars and it can be yours for the price of a new Ferrari

The XTurismo is available to buy too - but only for the filthy rich.

by | Published on 21st Mar 2023

This is the XTurismo, a luxury air cruiser inspired by Star Wars

The flying bike was just unveiled in Abu Dhabi by Aerwins Technologies and it’s out-of-this-world. 

The XTurismo is available to buy too – but only for the filthy rich.

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Aerwins describes the air cruiser as “the next generation of transport”. 

“It is a manifestation of the dream of air mobility that endeavors to create a completely new way to experience the world, enabling users to feel the joy and pleasure of moving freely in space,” the company said. 

The air cruiser not only looks epic, but it’s also the result of spectacular engineering.

The XTurismo is made with almost 100% carbon fiber, including the body, the control panel, and propellers. 

It has two large engine-powered propellers in the center of the bike to control the thrust and height. 

It then has four smaller battery-powered propellers to control the direction you fly in. 

The flying bike can reach speeds of about 80 km/h and has a maximum range of 40 minutes before it needs to refuel. 

The bike weighs 300kg and can soar 20 meters in the air. 

Despite this, the company says it’s designed to fly just a couple of meters above the ground.

The air cruiser is expected to deliver life-saving support in search and rescue operations. 

Especially in those hardest-to-reach areas. 

The company plans to start manufacturing the bike in the United Arab Emirates. 

But if you’re hoping to get your hands on one, hold your pearls, because the XTurismo costs as much as a new Ferrari. 

Yep, the flying bike will be sold for $555,000 a pop. 

Production will be limited, so if you’ve got the cash, run don’t walk.

Before the XTurismo took flight in Abu Dhabi, its creators flew it over the surface of Lake Yamanaka in Japan. 

With a snow-covered Mt. Fuji in the background, the images are out-of-this-world stunning. 



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