Meet the guy who is building an 8-meter Battlestar Galactica spaceship in his shed

See the Australian man's efforts to make a Colonial Viper Mark II.

by | Published on 3rd Jun 2022

An Australian DIY-er has built an incredible life-size spaceship from Battlestar Galactica in his backyard.

Known simply as Baz, the 52-year-old took it upon himself to build a near-true replica of a Colonial Viper Mark II.

For those not in the know, that’s the ship the good guys use.

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Built around a custom steel frame, Baz has clad it in a recycled polystyrene skin that will later be covered with fiberglass.

When finished – he’s been working on it for four years so far – the 8m (26ft) replica will weigh about 1000kg (2205lbs).

While largely accurate to the model seen in the show, Baz has admitted to taking some creative license with certain parts of the design.

“An X-Wing fighter on display at a local shopping center showed me that some static displays suck,” Baz told

“Sure it looked similar to the fighter in the show, but close inspection revealed it to be flat, static, flimsy, rough-molded, and boring.”

That’s why Baz has added moving parts, lights, and sound to create more of an immersive experience.

Because “that’s the way I want it.”


Being a bit of a handyman, everything used in the Battlestar Galactica ship is repurposed.

The ‘engines’ are powered by a barbecue rotisserie and bicycle gearing.

The instruments in the cockpit are broken aircraft components he’s been sent by aviators across Australia.

Anything that isn’t repurposed is something he’s made himself.

The fact he’s made numerous miniature models out of scrap metal he had lying around shows how skilled he is.

When will it be finished?

With other commitments holding up the passion project, it’ll be a while before the ship is show-ready.

“With kids and a job, I’m unsure of time – maybe another year or two?” Baz tells

When it is ready, Baz hopes to take it to events such as Comicon for others to enjoy the spectacle.

“The only reason I’ve gone a bit more public lately is that I have no idea how I’m going to afford a custom-built trailer to take the Viper on show.”

Baz hopes someone who sees his Battlestar Galactica ship may have an old trailer lying around they could donate and he could modify.

Where did the inspiration for the project come from?

Baz said he grew up with Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars.

However, he tells us there’s another motivation that keeps him going, and that he hopes will inspire others also.

“I like to encourage people to have a go and ‘just build it’ as an outlet.”

“Creativity is very therapeutic for those who suffer from conditions like depression and PTSD, giving them a feeling of self-worth, pride, and something to look forward to.”

What else has Baz built?

Before his Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper build, Baz had famously made a working Iron Man suit.

He uses it exclusively for the benefit of sick kids in hospitals, having turned down requests to wheel it out for other purposes.

You can follow Baz’s progress and other projects on Facebook, YouTube, or his website.




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