AI-powered 'Poetry Camera' transforms photos into poems in world first
China developing high-speed submarines propelled by lasers
Elon Musk says deliveries of Optimus robot could begin next year in major update
NASA's Voyager 1 is finally sending messages that make sense after months of gibberish


Polestar reveals its first phone and it looks incredible
The bad news is it may only be available in China.
NASA could have just found signs of life on Mars
Traces of gas could point to the presence of aliens on the Red Planet
World's largest neuromorphic computer made by Intel mimics the human brain
Will it eventually gain sentience?
Simple adjustments to iPhone settings found to significantly improve battery life
Some of these sound counterintuitive, but they do work, apparently
What our very first home on Mars could look like
Inflatable space habitats are a groundbreaking idea
The future of private jets: from emerging technologies and trends, the sky's the limit
It's all about convenience.
India builds world's largest renewable energy park, five times larger than Paris
The future seems bright!
NASA to fly nuclear-powered Dragonfly drone on Saturn's Titan moon
Hello, Titan?
Innovative all-terrain wheelchair can tackle any landscape
A modern wheelchair for modern times.
Aston Martin's 'sports car of the skies' Volante Vision is set to be revolutionary
One hell of a concept car.
US military's secret robot spaceplane conducting classified mission with SpaceX
A secret plane for a secret mission.
Robot gives surprising answer when asked if it can create more of itself
AI is full of surprises!
The moment Space Shuttle Endeavor is flown over Los Angeles is a sight to behold
'Superman Returns' flashbacks, anyone?
Scientists say they have evidence of a hidden planet in our solar system
Is there another planet in our solar system?
The challenges and obstacles facing flying car mass production
Spoiler - there's a lot of admin
Robots roam freely at this 28-story robot-friendly building
These robots deserve a good salary!
US Air Force trialing self-piloted F-16 fighter with commander on board as passenger
Your thoughts on this test?
YouTuber builds DIY Apple Vision Pro using only materials from second hand store
Amazingly, they work (sort of).
Scientists think they have made major progress in search for alien life
Sometimes it's the smallest detail that makes all the difference
Northrop Grumman reveals 'Manta Ray' drone submarine for deep ocean exploration
It could change the world of underwater warfare.
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