We drove the 100mph supercharged jet ski RZR and it was like nothing we've ever driven before
World's first commercial space plane is getting nearer to takeoff
Waymo driverless car goes viral after being spotted out for a drive
NASA spacecraft spots dead robot on Mars surface


Incredible Airbnb property offers 'best seat on earth' to watch SpaceX rocket launches
A crash pad near the launch pad
Apple fixes iPhone and iPad bug that affected many users
Update as soon as you can
Eerie moment radar detects structure above 'UFO hotbed' during rocket experiment
Scientists are speculating that this could be a portal
Scientists have discovered the biggest hint ever about finding alien life in space
We might found alien life, far more advanced than us
Saudi Arabia's Jeddah Tower will soon be the world's tallest skyscraper
Quite a record to break
Inversion Space aims for rapid cargo delivery with orbital warehouses
A truly innovative idea
Meta's chief AI scientist predicts smartphones will be obsolete within 10-15 years
AI is coming for your smartphone
World's fastest electric surfboard is controlled by remote
That's one expensive surfboard
One of the most advanced robots in the world looks like something out of Power Rangers
A real-life Transformer
iOS 18 bringing feature that lets you control an iPhone with your eyes
It's a game changer
NASA seen testing lunar tech by simulating moonwalk in the Arizona desert
From desert sand to space dust
GTA 6 highly anticipated release date announced by Rockstar
We're nearly there
Japan reportedly building an elevator that will take humans to space
If this got stuck on the wrong floor it'd be a nightmare
OpenAI and Microsoft reportedly planning to build $100 billion AI supercomputer
Open AI is about to get even more powerful
Tesla's latest video of Optimus robot leaves viewers feeling surprised
It's sort of a weird way of making progress
Inside Lockheed Martin's top secret fighter jet development factory where few are allowed in
From circus tent to megafactory
UK begins billion-dollar program to develop world's first domestically-made hypersonic missile
Homegrown hypersonic missiles for the UK
Unknown structure found beneath sand near Great Pyramid of Giza in groundbreaking discovery
The 'anomaly' was discovered 10 meters below the surface
New humanoid robot has 'unlimited movement ability' with 360-degree joints and ability to collapse itself
Finally, a robot that can do the splits
OpenAI's new ChatGPT model can talk with other instances of itself and sing
ChatGPT keeps getting better
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