Original designer of GTA prototype and founder of Rockstar North has an extremely pretty net worth
People claim to have figured out GTA VI release date through hidden message in trailer
GTA VI trailer has already shattered YouTube record set by MrBeast
All the sneaky and finer details you missed in the GTA VI trailer


The real reason GTA VI trailer was released a day early
The official GTA VI trailer is here, though it arrived a day early.
Rockstar drops GTA VI trailer early and announces release date
And yes, it's set in Vice City.
Canada has unveiled the world's first invisibility cloak and it can really hide the person wearing it
The future is here.
Win an iPhone 15 pro competition T&Cs
Check out the terms and conditions to win
GTA 6 footage leaked by Rockstar director’s son
The shock TikTok video appeared just two days before the official trailer...
GTA VI trailer announcement drops huge hint about game’s location
It's sparked a frenzy of speculation.
Rockstar announce GTA6 trailer date and social media is going berserk
It's sooner than you think.
GTA 6 will have patented new technology never seen before in video games
Even NPCs are going to be upgraded in GTA 6.
US President's $3.2billion Air Force One plane is a flying fortress with world's most advanced technology
It's a modified Boeing 747-200B.
Iconic GTA character to be missing from GTA 6
Fans are going to miss this character.
YouTuber builds 'Back to the Future' style hoverboard that floats on absolutely everything
It uses a ground effect to hover on a cushion of air right above the floor.
Netflix confirm they are launching 3 classic GTA games in December
All three games have been remastered, but they're faithful to the originals.
Here's how much you would have made buying Apple shares instead of new iPhones
If you're a devoted Apple fan, you might want to look away now.
New info on GTA6 proves game will be more advanced than you could ever imagine
The most powerful engine ever for an open world game.
Jeff Bezos spent $42million building a clock that will outlast human civilization
Powered by Earth's thermal cycles - it won't need a battery change when...
NASA reveals mind-boggling video of surface of Mars from its Perseverance Rover
NASA scientists believe the arid area was flooded with water 3.5 billion...
Excitement builds as GTA map prediction based on leaks revealed
Players could face being attacked by an alligator in a massive swamp according...
Former Apple employee shares biggest iPhone tips not everyone knows
The idea is to make your experience even more seamless.
Look at what the man who urged people to buy $1 of Bitcoin in 2013 is doing now
It turned out to be a savvy investment.
Fans decode Rockstar's GTA 6 reveal to much excitement
That was some impressive detective work.
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