World’s first hoverbike finally takes flight at the Detroit Auto Show

It has a range of 40km and will cost up to $777,000.

by | Published on 16th Sep 2022

The ‘world’s first hoverbike’ has taken flight at the Detroit Auto Show as a reminder that eVTOLs are closer to reality than you might think.

Officially called the XTURISMO, it’s billed as “bringing science fiction to reality”.

Clearly, it’s doing just that.

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Made by Delaware-based AERWINS Technologies, the XTURISMO uses six large fans to take off and fly through the air.

The company claims the vehicle weighs just 300kg (661lbs), making it truly comparable to a motorcycle, although its payload is only 100kg (220lbs).

But at 3.7m long, 2.4m wide, and 1.5m tall it’s closer to the size of a hatchback.

Production models will be able to cruise through the air for 40 minutes, or in terms of distance, 40km (25mph).

It will have a top speed of around 100km/h (62mph) as well.

The company claims it’s powered by a gas-electric hybrid powertrain, but doesn’t specify exact details.


And it looks like the project may take off the ground in more ways than one.

AERWINS Technologies is planning an initial public offering on the NASDAQ stock exchange this November.

There are already plans to sell it in Japan, company CEO Shuhei Komatsu told The Detroit News.

In Japan, the hoverbike isn’t considered an aircraft by authorities, meaning there’s no need for a special pilot’s license to fly it.

However, in the US, it’s unclear how it is viewed by authorities in that respect.

How much will the XTURISMO hoverbike cost?

The company is planning to sell a smaller version of this concept model in the US as soon as next year, 2023.

Current price estimates have the current XTURISMO costing $777,000 when it comes to market.

But the company hopes to get the price of smaller models down to as little as $50,000.



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