This luxury RV is a transformer on wheels with a ‘Waldorf Astoria’ interior

Bigger isn't always better, they say. But when you're traveling cross country in a luxury RV that looks like Optimus Prime, it definitely is.

Published on Sep 22, 2023 at 10:24AM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Sep 23, 2023 at 10:16AM (UTC+4)

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Luxury RV is a transformer on wheels with all the mod cons

If you’re sitting on the fence about living the RV life, this video is bound to settle it for you.

Kris and Hilary, who go by Fuel Your Wander online, frequently post videos of what life’s actually like living in a luxury RV.

And it’s one of their most recent videos of their motorhome that’s got people green with envy.

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The YouTube video shows how the transformer on wheels turns from a cross-country cruiser into a comfortable home.

And it’s inside this luxury RV where the magic really happens.

There’s automatic blinds and shutters that lift up with the touch of a button.

There’s even a hidden TV that pops up when the couple is settling down for the night.

The bed lifts up when they’re on the move, too, and can then be laid flat when they’re parked up.

When the couple arrives at a new location, the first thing they have to do is level the luxury RV.

So, to make their lives easier and provide more stability, they’ve installed snap pads on the jacks.

Their American Coach Dream RV has three massive slideouts, which the couple extend to give them plenty of space inside.

Then, above the slideouts, there’s three retractable awnings that provide lots of shade and keep things dry when it rains.

Even the front of the luxury RV transforms to open up so they can easily access the generator and other connections for repairs or maintenance.

The luxury RV may be smaller than the average house, but Hillary says it has everything they need with the added benefit of being moveable.

Clearly, the couple are living their best life traveling cross country in the motorhome – and people can’t help be envious.

“Never been called poor by an RV before,” one said.

“This is nicer than any home I will ever own,” another said.

“It’s like a Waldorf Astoria on wheels,” said a third.

Kris and Hilary have traveled to 38 states and visited 14 national parks to date.

Wonder where they’re heading next?

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