New company unveils ‘Houseyacht’ lineup featuring crazy two-story apartment and floating RV

If you thought the humble houseboat was a thing of the past, check out these Houseyacht vessels, kitted out with everything you could ever need.

by | Published on 18th Aug 2023

Could this be the next big trend in marine?

Reina Boats, the US company behind the ‘Houseyacht’, hopes so anyway.

It’s a pretty neat idea to be fair, as it serves as both a yacht and luxury home, so you get the best of both worlds.

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After witnessing a surge in seafaring during the pandemic, company founders Hayri Dayi and Emin Günal came up with the concept.

The pair acknowledged the need for stylish vessels with plenty of space and amenities but without an astronomical price tag.

But rather than copying the idea of “outdated” floating homes, they set about designing something entirely new.

And what they’ve created is a sleek vessel that’s bound to appeal to a new wave (pardon the pun!) of discerning yachters.

“Many boats do not have the living space to provide all the accommodations and comforts people want,” Günal said in a statement.

“Power catamarans offer more volume but also have become quite expensive. That left houseboats as the only option.

“The existing houseboats were stuck in the design of the 1980s, and almost 90 percent of the houseboats on the water were commercially rented vessels.

“They were boats that yacht and catamaran owners would never consider buying.”

Reina’s line of Houseyacht vessels includes five models ranging from a floating RV to a lavish two-story overwater condo.

They’re kitted out with everything you could ever need, too, including high-quality furniture, top-tier appliances and smart-home technology.

The Houseyachts aren’t restricted to lakes and canals either – Reina’s fleet can take to the open seas, too.

But in order to do so, they’ve had to meet the U.S. Coast Guard standards.

That’s why they’ll be crafted from marine-grade aluminum and have a similar hull design to a catamaran, so should be equally as sturdy.

They’ll also be fitted with the latest generation of Mercury outboards which are supposedly greener than conventional engines.

And, instead of a generator, batteries can be used as an alternative power source to further reduce emissions.

Reina’s lineup of Houseyacht vessels will be built in Tutkey, with its first model, the Reina Live 44DR, set to make its debut at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in October.



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