NASCAR driver who threw his bumper mid-race has gained new sponsor that sells bumpers

How ironic
  • NASCAR driver Joey Gase ripped the bumper off his car after crashing out and then threw it at a passing car
  • He was fined $5,000 by NASCAR for the bizarre incident
  • However, his race team has since secured a new sponsorship deal from, you guessed it, a bumper company

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NASCAR driver who threw his bumper mid-race has gained new sponsor that sells bumpers

Joey Gase may be a NASCAR driver, but he’s far from your average NASCAR driver.

Gase hit the headlines last month when, during the ToyotaCare 250 at Richmond, he ripped the bumper off his car after crashing out of the race and threw it at a passing car.

It appears the racing driver’s moment of madness has paid off in the most unusual of ways.

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Of course, the NASCAR driver was administered a $5,000 fine after he hurled his bumper at Dawson Cram’s Camaro.

However, Bumpers That Deliver saw it fit to toss some money his way in exchange for some publicity.

That’s right, he’s only gone and landed a new sponsorship and, wouldn’t you guess, it’s a bumper company.

As part of the deal, the company will get an advertising spot on the Joey Gase Racing No. 53 Ford Mustang moving forward.

The partnership, which will be on full display during Michigan Speedway’s Cabo Wabo 250 in August, will see Bumpers That Deliver be the car’s primary sponsor.

“Joey Gase’s intense racing passion mirrors our dedication to delivering top-notch bumpers,” an official statement from the company said.

“His unique bumper delivery last week showcases why we’re thrilled to back Joey Gase Racing, the National Crime Prevention Council, and Donate Life.

“We are your go-to for premium replacement auto parts, offering convenience and quality directly to your doorstep.”

Yes, it’s ironic – but it’s entirely believable and quite a smart move from the company.

What’s harder to believe, though, is that there’s actually an entire online marketplace specifically dedicated to selling different brands of car bumpers.

In that sense, it’s a partnership that’s already paying dividends, although it’ll be an even bigger win for the company once you buy a replacement bumper for your F-Series pickup from them.

On a more serious note, Gase is excited about the new partnership, as it’ll also shine a light on other initiatives he cares about, such as Donate Life and the National Crime Prevention Council.

It’s fair to say that he wasn’t thinking that when he hurled the now-infamous bumper – which so happened to feature the NCPC’s mascot, McGruff the Crime Dog running a ‘Race Against Crime’ ad – at Richmond.

You’d like to think none of those crimes involved chucking objects at motor vehicles.

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