Former Tesla employees design huge 27-foot solar-powered trailer

Published on Jun 22, 2023 at 6:44 PM (UTC+4)
by Adam Gray

Last updated on Jun 23, 2023 at 10:38 AM (UTC+4)
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Former Tesla employees design huge 27-foot solar-powered trailer

It appears former Tesla employees’ creative talents don’t just lie within automotive.

A group of ex-employees have transferred their talents to the mobile home market.

They’ve done so by designing a futuristic 27-foot-long solar-powered trailer that’s literally a home away from home. 

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Former Tesla battery engineer Ben Parker and ex-senior manager Toby Kraus co-founded the San Francisco-based firm, Lightship.

Apparently, Lightship is the US’ first all-electric recreational vehicle company which hopes to redefine the motorhome market with modern solutions.

They want to get rid of “smelly, noisy, gas or propane generators” that spoil the serenity of travelling through nature.

So, what the ex-Tesla employees have come up with is a contemporary caravan that prioritized comfort and clean energy.

Essentially, it’s a portable mini home which can expand to sleep up to six people.

Dubbed the Lightship L1, the 6ft 9in masterpiece already promises to outshine other trailers and does so when it soars to 10ft in camper mode.

There’s no shortage of space to roam around in when the roof is raised extending the ceiling.

The caravan has multiple windows which allow natural light to flood in, as well as allowing campers to admire panoramic views of the outdoors.

You can even catch a glimpse of the local wildlife while showering invthe “relaxing spa bathroom”, which has high ceilings and porcelain floors.

Hosting a gathering while on tour isn’t an issue, either, as it also has a convertible lounge space that doubles as two beds.

Then there’s the Camp Kitchen, which extends from the side and has an induction cooktop and collapsible sink.

But the Lightship L1 has an indoor kitchen area, too, which boasts large countertops made from ocean waste, a stove, an oven, a small refrigerator, smart appliances, and a dishwasher.

It really is hard to think of what else you could want or need for that matter.

It’s obvious where the L1’s appearance takes inspiration from.

There’s hints of Tesla’s rigid designs and sports sharp features which apparently make it three times more aerodynamic than traditional trailers.

Just like an EV, the trailer cuts through the air thanks to its sharp front edges, tapered rear, and telescoping hard-sided walls. 

Rumor has it, it can easily be towed by a 300-mile range (482 km) electric vehicle, too.

Solar-powered trailer price

The Lightship L1 is expected to rival Tesla’s Space Camper add-on that can be attached to the Cybertuck to transform it into a mobile home. 

Production of the L1 trailer is expected to begin late next year and is set to hit the market at a starting price of $125,000.

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