Man shares seriously impressive picture of Cybertruck in his garage stunning followers

It's certainly a tight squeeze.
  • Content creator Paul Clark shared a picture of the Cybertruck parked in his garage
  • Some viewers struggled to look at the picture, while others admitted they were impressed by Clark’s parking skills
  • If anything, the picture just shows how big the EV pickup truck really is in comparison to an ‘average’ car

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Man shares seriously impressive picture of Cybertruck in his garage stunning followers

A Cybertruck owner left his internet followers stunned after he shared a picture of his EV pickup parked in his garage.

Measuring in at 18 feet long (5.7 meters) and 7 feet wide (86.6 inches), the Cybertruck is a behemoth.

Add to that an 11,000 kg (24,251 pounds) towing capacity and the ability to go anywhere and everywhere – even through water – the Tesla SUV has a lot going for it.

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That being said, Cybertruck owners have to park them somewhere, and for Texas-based content creator Paul Clark, that somewhere is his garage.

Taking to X, Clark shared a picture of his pickup parked next to another Tesla on the driveway of his home last year.

“Another side-by-side with a white Y parked a little better! The stainless + white combo looks GREAT,” he wrote.

But, his followers were keen to see if the Cybertruck would be able to fit alongside the Model Y in his double garage.

So, to keep his followers happy, Clark drove both cars into his garage and lined them up perfectly, taking a picture from above.

“They do fit!” he wrote – but while Clark was pleased with the results, other X users were left stunned.

Clark wasn’t wrong when he said the two vehicles would fit side-by-side in the garage, but to say it’s a tight squeeze would be somewhat of an understatement.

“There is no way in hell I’d ever attempt this. My anxiety has been triggered from this pic,” one X user wrote.

“Did you have to climb out through the air vents?” another quipped.

While the picture was enough to raise some people’s anxiety levels, others were impressed by Clark’s parking skills.

“Ha, wow very tight squeeze and lucky no dents in Cybertruck,” one person commented.

“Kinda squished, but yes, a fit!” another impressed user posted.

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