YouTuber tests how far Cybertruck can tow 11,000lbs in freezing temperatures

The dual motor, all-wheel-drive CyberTruck was charged to 100% before the test.

  • Independent trials of the Tesla Cybertruck are underway
  • Its ability to tow big loads is one thing fans of the car really want to know about
  • And is this ability impacted by extreme weather conditions? One YouTuber decided to put it to the test

Published on Jan 22, 2024 at 5:22PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Jan 24, 2024 at 1:24PM (UTC+4)

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YouTuber tests how far Cybertruck can tow 11,000lbs in freezing temperatures

The first independent tests of the Tesla Cybertruck are in – and it seems its ability to tow large loads is significantly impacted by cold weather.

It’s thought that previous impressive tests of the Cybertruck and its towing abilities may not have been all they seemed.

YouTuber JerryRigEverything was able to borrow a Cybertruck to test its towing abilities in some pretty harsh and freezing conditions.

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The dual motor, all-wheel-drive CyberTruck was charged to 100 percent the night before the test.

The Tesla battery probably maxed out “at around 2am in the morning”, according to the YouTuber.

It then sat for six hours “still plugged in, before coming out of the garage and being connected to the trailer”.

You can watch the extreme test in the video below:


He loaded the Cybertruck up with its max load of 4990 kg (11,000 lbs) with an old school Hummer – and put it through its paces in freezing conditions.

We reported last week that EV users – and Tesla owners in particular – are having some issues in cold weather.

Some users said batteries weren’t charging, while others died altogether.

Tesla released a statement via its website, advising owners to keep the battery charge level above 20 percent in the winter.

“We have made several updates to improve your driving experience in freezing temperatures, including better overall thermal performance, quicker Supercharging and improved cabin conditioning,” it said.

However, the YouTube challenge still saw the Cybertruck put out 166 km (103 m) of range.

Youtuber, Zach, was able to drive the Cybertruck 145 km (90 m) using 108 kWh for an average of 1,193 Wh per mile.

The truck wasn’t drained to zero percent charge by the end of the test – there was two percent remaining in the tank.

The Cybertruck’s battery pack is about 123 kWh of energy capacity.

At an average of 1,193 Wh, it means the vehicle could have driven about another 16 km (10 m) before dying.

Some commenters were quick to point out that being in the garage ahead of the test, rather than sitting in the cold for longer, may have compensated for the loss of range from the cold temperature significantly.

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