Denver International Airport’s decades-long history of bizarre conspiracy theories

  • Denver International Airport has been a hotbed of conspiracy theories
  • One popular theory claims that there’s something beneath the surface
  • Some even claim the place as the hideout for extraterrestrial beings

Published on Jun 08, 2024 at 11:00 AM (UTC+4)
by Daksh Chaudhary

Last updated on Jun 08, 2024 at 11:03 AM (UTC+4)
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Denver International Airport has been a hotbed of conspiracy theories since its inauguration in 1995, and they get more bizarre as time passes.

Made by renowned architects and engineers, it was a modern marvel of aviation in its time.

Thus, the airport gained international recognition — but what made it even more popular were the whispers of mystery.

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Bizarre conspiracy theories linked to Denver International Airport

The unusual conspiracy theories make the Denver International Airport more fascinating than most other ‘boring’ airports.

One popular theory about the place claims that there’s something beneath the surface, most probably something ‘evil.’

What’s actually there is not known, or even if there’s actually anything for that matter.

However, the claims suggest that there are secret bunkers for the elite.

Some even claim the place as a hideout for extraterrestrial beings.

That’s surely extremely normal for an airport, right?

This conspiracy alone is enough to make the airport fascinating for people, but there’s more to come.

Another theory revolves around the airport’s artwork.

Murals and statues dotted throughout DIA have sparked speculation about hidden messages and allegiances.

People have found the symbols of secret societies and predictions of ‘doomsday’ in the artwork of the airport.

However, the authorities claim that the artwork has nothing to do with any of that.

It is also believed that when seen from above, the airport’s runways are arranged to form mysterious patterns.

Then there’s the famous ‘Blucifer’ statue.

This blue horse with glowing red eyes has long been an icon of DIA, but the history behind the statue is not a pleasing one.

Luis Jiménez, the sculpture’s creator, passed away when a giant piece of it fell on him, giving an eerie history to Blucifer.

Some even believe that the horse represents the Four Horsemen of the apocalypse.

DIA link with Illuminati

The airport is even linked to the Illuminati and Freemasons, and some believe the airport was made with funding from the former.

In exchange, the organization was given secret access to the property.

But why are these conspiracy theories so persistent?

Whether its something like Arizona’s Phoenix Lights sightings or the Denver International Airport, humans are attracted towards mysteries and the unknown.

No one knows if any of these conspiracy theories are true, but DIA’s mysterious reputation has made it immensely popular.


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