Deputy sheriff in Florida jumps onto runaway boat in dramatic footage

Despite their best attempts, the U.S. Coast Guard was unable to stop the runaway boat – that's when the Pinellas County sheriff's deputies jumped into action.

by | Published on 7th Aug 2023

A Florida sheriff’s deputy is being hailed as an amateur stuntman.

In a move worthy of an award, he jumped onto an unattended runaway boat.

And he managed it while traveling at speeds reaching over 64 km/h (40 mph).

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The story goes, the U.S. Coast Guard put out a call out to assist with a runaway vessel off the coast of Florida.

Apparently, the driver of the boat had fallen off the vessel and it had continued on, cruising at speeds topping out at about 65 km/h (41 mph).

Thankfully, a good Samaritan rescued the stricken sailor, the sheriff’s office said.

Despite deploying propeller fouling devices, the Coast Guard was unable to stop the boat.

That’s when Deputy Fernandes and Deputy Constant with the Marine and Environmental Lands Unit were called into action.

The sheriff’s deputies pulled up alongside the other boat, matched its speed, and then Deputy Fernandes jumped ship.

And the whole thing was captured on the officer’s body cam.

The two boats can be seen traveling parallel and nearly touching each other in the video as Fernandes makes the leap.

Thankfully, Fernandes managed to climb aboard the boat and bring the pursuit to a safe stop.

Following the incident, the sheriff’s office decided to have a bit of fun with the officer’s body cam footage.

The sheriff’s office playfully shared the heroic moment on Facebook, joking that Deputy Fernandes does his own stunts.

Posting a video set to Van Halen’s “Jump”, the sheriff’s office wrote, “Always connect your kill switch lanyard,” referring to another way that could have stopped the boat.

Deputy Fernandes’ heroics have won him praise from many people on social media.

“That is some seriously next-level sheriff cowboying! Wranging a runaway Seat Hunt 265 ain’t for amateurs! Amazing Job Deputy Fernandes,” one user wrote.

“This is way cooler than any movie,” another commented.

“The song does not do this justice,” said another.



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