This guy just built a wheelless bike and it actually works

Footage of the wheelless bike is going viral online and it's no surprise why.

by | Published on 6th Sep 2023

Remember the guy who designed and built a square-wheeled bicycle?

Well, wacky YouTuber The Q is back with yet another weird and wonderful creation.

Forget circular or square wheels, this time he’s created a bike with no wheels at all.

READ MORE! This guy just built a square-wheeled bicycle and it actually works

The YouTuber pulls out all the stops when it comes to his creations and he shares exactly how he does it too.

From the world’s smallest bicycle to a bicycle with 60 tennis balls for tires, and even a bicycle with split, semi-circular wheels – his creations are fascinating to say the least.

Not just because his bizarre experiments are beyond belief, but because, incredibly, they all work.

While The Q’s latest invention doesn’t have wheels, it still relies on rotating elements that help propel it forward.

The wheelless bike comes with a set of wheel belts, mounted at absurd angles, unlike any bike we’ve ever seen before. 

The way the wheelless bike works is similar to that of a tank, with the rotating wheel belts driving you forward.

As you pedal away, the wheel belts rotate carrying your forward.

But don’t expect to hit high speeds.

Given how small the wheel belt’s curved radius is, it’s no flying machine, nor will you want to take it offroad on bumpy terrain.

It appears The Q used the same frame for the wheelless bike as he did his square-wheel bicycle.

However, he ditched the wheels and, instead, used linear metal members with chains mounted on the rim.

Around the chains he used a rubber tread, like the wheel belt seen on tanks.

To have the pedals work the belt, the YouTuber added another gear to the bike frame, connecting the pedals to the top of the rear ‘wheel’.

And to secure the wheels in place, he fixed them at two points, allowing them to hold their angular mounting position as the bike is ridden.

Speaking of which, it’s facinating to see how well the wheelless bike rides.

In fact, it’s better than expected, but you can see for yourself in the video (above)!



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