This Dodge Challenger costs more than a new Aston Martin DB11

Only 924 miles on the clock, a beautiful carbon fiber, over 1,200 hp and an eye-watering price tag: this Dodge Challenger Demon has it all.

by | Published on 13th Feb 2023

This carbon fiber Dodge Challenger Demon is for sale with just 924 miles on the clock.

It’s spotless and striking but it is also incredibly expensive.

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To be fair, this is no ordinary Dodge Challenger.

Based on the high-performance Challenger Demon, the car you see here was tuned by SpeedKore for the SEMA car show and it now delivers 1,200 hp.


In addition to that, the SpeedKore team also removed the original body panels and replaced them with carbon fiber ones.

The result is outstanding because, according to the listing, the car is now 400 pounds (181 kg) lighter than the original car.

We have to be honest, this Dodge Challenger does look great.

The exposed carbon fiber body gives it a unique hue, halfway between petroleum green and bronze.

The murdered out wheels adorned with the red brake calipers complete the package.

As for the interior, it follows the same black-on-black color scheme, with black leather and suede upholstery for the seats, the center console and the dasbhoard.

It all sounds jolly good until you read the price tag, which is quite frankly mind-blowing.

The car is currently listed on eBay for $249,900.

That’s three times the MSRP of a ‘standard’ Dodge Challenger Demon, which would set you back $85,000.

More to the point, it means this Challenger is more expensive than a brand-new Aston Martin DB11, which has an MSRP of around $210k.



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