Somebody crashed this Dodge Charger in a swamp and just left it there

No one knows who 'parked' this Dodge Charger in a swamp or how it happened, but the owner was apparently in such a rush they even left a flask in the cup holder.

by | Published on 21st Mar 2023

This Dodge Charger Hellcat has been found abandoned in a swamp and people are wondering what happened.

How did it get there? And why hasn’t anyone claimed it yet?

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Keen-eyed viewers spotted what appears to be a Florida number plate.

This is entirely possible considering Florida is indeed full of swamps just like this.

One thing’s for sure: the damage to the car is extensive.

The interior is flooded, there’s debris everywhere and the rear bumper is broken.

It’s hard to tell whether the engine was damaged or not but, it’s safe to assume it probably was.

Ironically, the owner was apparently in such a hurry to leave they forgot a flask in the cup holder.

The pictures were shared by slr.hellcat on Instagram and people went crazy in the comments.

One user, clearly not a fan of Dodge Chargers, wrote: “Where it belongs”.

Other users saw this as an opportunity to take a dig at Florida, with one simply commenting “Florida man”.

Another continued the theme, writing “Florida happened”.

Others were a bit less drastic.

“[As] long as water didn’t get in the car all it needs is a new bumper and change the fluids”, a user wrote.

We certainly hope he’s right.



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