Watch Domino’s deliver pizza to Glastonbury using a jet pack

The fast food chain made its first jet pack delivery at Glastonbury and the footage is wild.

by | Published on 4th Jul 2023

Domino’s is apparently living in 2030 because it’s now delivering pizza by jet pack.

The world’s most famous pizza restaurant chain teamed with Gravity Industries to create a custom-made suit for the special delivery, and it was absolutely wild.

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Domino’s picked a momentous occasion – and an amazing spot – for the flight (which was of course a well-planned marketing stunt).

The world’s first pizza delivery by jet pack took place at Glastonbury, a five-day festival held in England that attracts more than 200,000 people every year.

In order to maximize the impact of the publicity stunt, the arrival of Domino’s jet pack delivery coincided with Glastonbury’s headlining performance: Rocket Man by Elton John.

Subtle, right?

Domino’s PR manager Sam Wilson said the company has always received requests to deliver pizzas as Glastonbury but it was usually a near-impossible task.

The festival takes place on the hills outside the city and it would be practically impossible to find the person who made the order.

So, the company came up with a solution.

“We took inspiration from this year’s headliner (Rocket Man, ed.) to launch our own rapid delivery trial,” Wilson told The Independent.

The jet pack was built by Gravity Industries, and it was specifically designed for Domino’s.

It even has a thermally insulated compartment at the back where you can store the pizzas and keep them warm until delivery.

It’s a crazy stunt, and an expensive one at that considering Gravity Industries’ suits start at around $480,000.

Mind you, Domino’s said the “idea has legs, or wings, or jets.”



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