Donald Trump releases second batch of superhero NFTs, netting $4.6 million

The second batch of trading cards depicts the former US president as a superhero, rockstar, monster trucker, and burger flipper.

by | Published on 19th Apr 2023

Donald Trump has just launched a second batch of digital trading cards. 

The former President of the United States made the announcement on Instagram today alongside brand-new images of him depicted as a superhero, rockstar, monster trucker, and burger flipper.

Trump’s ‘Series 2’ trading cards went for $99 a pop and sold out in just six hours, netting $4.6 million in profit.

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The second series was released following the success of his first release of trading cards in December last year. 

The first round depicted Trump as an astronaut, cowboy, and Nascar driver. 

The NFT collection sold out in less than a day, raising more than $4.4 million in profit. 

Some of the NFTs went on to trade for a premium. 

One depicting Trump with the Statue of Liberty resold for 20 Ethereum, which worked out to be about $24,000 at the time. 

Not a bad profit considering it was initially bought for $99. 

Trump is understood to have made between $100,000 and $1 million personally from the first round of trading cards. 

Trump announced the second round of digital playing cards on Instagram on April 18, marking his first return to the social media platform since January 5, 2021, one day before the infamous riots at the US Capitol. 

In fact, Trump was banned from the site for two years following the riots, and his accounts on Instagram and Facebook were only reinstated three months ago.

Trump announced the second round with a short video, saying “hello again, this is your favorite president, Donald Trump”. 

“I’ve got some fantastic news for you. My Trump digital trading cards are back with a bang. Series 2, the new collection features incredible artwork of me as a Rockstar and also as a monster trucker,” he said. 

“People love to collect baseball cards, but why settle for that when you can collect the greatest trading card in history?” 



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