DS Automobiles teases us with new crazy high-tech interior

This is not just a concept, the DS Automobiles M.i. 21 manifesto's futuristic elements preview the future generation of DS production models.

by | Published on 8th Jun 2023

This isn’t your average concept that’s just been revealed by DS Automobiles.

The Stellantis-owned luxury automaker has taken a different approach.

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Rather than showcasing an entire vehicle, they’ve focused on one particular element – the interior. 

More importantly, though, the M.i. 21 manifesto is an actual physical model of a car interior, with its futuristic elements previewing the future generation of DS production models. 

We won’t have long to wait before seeing such high-tech crazy interiors either, as they’re set to arrive before the end of the decade.

Without a doubt the most eye-catching design element is the expansive display covering the entire dash.

The controls are positioned on its curved, touch-sensitive edges.

Ok, massive displays are nothing new.

What sets DS Automobiles’ approach apart, though, is the fact that the display can transform from opaque to transparent.

And when it’s not in use, the materials beneath are revealed.

Oh, and the infotainment system is controlled either via voice commands or using the sleek floating glass area near the central armrest.

The eye’s also drawn to the oversized circular elements on the doors.

While they resemble speakers, they are in fact art pieces that can be customized to reflect the owner’s individual taste. 

Speaking of sound, it’s provided by an illuminated single turbine-style speaker, positioned prominently beneath the dash.

Then there’s the unconventional steering wheel, which features a smartphone-style screen nestled in the middle.

It might not be to everyone’s taste, but it certainly adds a unique touch.

“These models are a link between our vision and our projects in development,” said DS Automobiles Design Director Thierry Metroz.

“They help guide our work and share this research for the brand with the group’s engineering and management.

“We can also carry out tests to measure the level of attractiveness.”

It’s certainly got our vote, Thierry.

“As it is an internal research tool, our teams use it to unleash their creativity while integrating the fact that most of the elements must be able to be put into production,” he added.

There you have it – straight from the horse’s mouth.

The French automaker‘s M.i. 21 manifesto is making its grand debut at the Révélations exhibition in Paris between June 7 and 11.



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