Dual engine 6×6 go-kart is a different kind of cool

  • Someone built a custom dual-engine 6×6 go-kart
  • It’s based on an existing ATV
  • This go-kart is all about having fun

Published on Jun 30, 2024 at 5:00 PM (UTC+4)
by Siddharth Dudeja

Last updated on Jun 30, 2024 at 5:00 PM (UTC+4)
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Driving a go-kart is usually a lot of fun for anyone looking for it, but driving a dual-engine 6×6 takes it to a whole different level.

Of course, you cannot buy something like that from any company’s shelves, but custom modifications are what makes this one unique, and we’re here for it.

Someone converted an amphibian ATV into this 6×6 monstrosity, and as raw as it looks, it certainly seems fun to drive.

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Building a custom 6×6 go-kart

Created by YouTuber Buildadadgarage, the go-kart was a personal project with only one goal — to create vehicles and have fun.

As the channel name suggests, it’s a dad building unconventional stuff, just like this go-kart, while enjoying the process.

Meanwhile, he also puts videos on his social media channels for the world to see, and his latest project is this 6×6 go-kart.

If that doesn’t seem like the best thing you’ve heard all day, wait for the go-kart itself.

It’s apparently a stripped-down, but also a buffed-up Argo amphibian ATV, which takes some features off the original vehicles and adds some joyous parts.

The original model is from several years ago and is an all-terrain ATV.

What this means is that you could essentially drive it on land and water.

It is the most fun custom project ever

The Argo also has a bulky and bold exterior body to make it for the all-terrain setting.

The custom 6×6 project, however, sacrificed the exterior body while retaining the frame to become an actual go-kart.

Moreover, its builder is currently using two 212 cc engines to power the thing.

By the way, the go-kart features an all-wheel drive.

Driving this somewhere like the luxury Arizona mansion with its own go-kart track sounds like the perfect plan.

Anyhow, the best part about this DIY project is that it’s not even the final version.

The builder dad is currently replacing those two engines with higher-performing 301 cc engines to make it even more powerful.

The final version will also have the seat shifted backward to give it more of a go-kart feel.

Now, it won’t be anywhere near the 6×6 Rolls-Royce contraption, but in the world of go-karts, only one thing matters — fun.

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