Introducing Eko Atlantic City – a $6 billion megacity in the sea

It will be Africa's very own Manhattan.

by | Published on 11th Oct 2022

Africa is building its very own Manhattan in the sea. 

Dubbed Eko Atlantic City, the hub will be built on land reclaimed from the Atlantic Ocean. 

The project is expected to cost $6 billion.

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Eko Atlantic City is being built from scratch off the coast of Victoria Island next to Lagos in Nigeria. 

And just like Dubai’s famous Palm Jumeirah island, sand is being used to construct the base.


The developer, South Energyx Nigeria Limited, says it will be a residential, commercial, and financial hub. 

The developer also hopes it will incentivize tourism and relieve overcrowding in Lagos.

Using 91 million cubic meters of sand to build the base of the city, developers say it will be the size of Manhattan’s skyscraper district. 

The land will measure almost 10 million square meters and be protected by an 8.5km long rock wall. 

Not only will it be a new financial district, but it’s expected to create 250,000 new jobs. 

It will also be a shopping hub with high-end luxury boutiques and cafes. 

The megacity will of course also have a yacht club and two large marinas for the ultra-wealthy to dock their superyachts.

While the city has support from the state and federal governments, it’s being funded by private companies and investors. 

Eko Atlantic was first thought up in 2003 and by 2008, construction had begun. 

But by 2020, just a few skyscrapers had been built.

While still under development, the newly built city is hosting concerts and sports events. 

Developers are working to build road and canal networks in the city. 

They also plan to build a powerplant for an independent power supply, a water supply system, and a sewage network so it’s self-sustaining.



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