Elon Musk is making a change to how Tesla delivers vehicles to customers

Elon Musk seems determined to deliver on his company's pledges
  • Elon Musk is changing how the company delivers vehicles to its customers.
  • He’s made it mandatory to install and activate Full Self-Driving and take customers on a short test ride before handing over the car.
  • Despite its name, FSD does not transform Tesla vehicles into fully autonomous cars

Published on Mar 26, 2024 at 6:05PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Mar 27, 2024 at 4:02PM (UTC+4)

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk is reportedly implementing a significant change in how the company delivers vehicles to its customers, particularly in North America.

In an email shared on X by @Wholemarsblog, Musk announced: “Going forward, it is mandatory in North America to install and activate FSD 12.3.1 and take customers on a short test ride before handing over the car.”

Of course, we’d have to directly confirm this with the Musketeer himself, but it’s an interesting thought, right?

If genuine, this directive marks a notable shift in Tesla’s delivery process, emphasizing the integration of its premium driver assistance system, FSD (Full Self-Driving), into the customer experience.

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Full Self-Driving is a highly advanced feature designed to enhance the driving experience by offering advanced driver assistance capabilities.

Despite its name, FSD does not transform Tesla vehicles into fully autonomous cars.

Instead, it provides supervised assistance to drivers, aiding with tasks such as steering and braking.

In his email, Musk said: “Almost no one actually realizes how well (supervised) FSD actually works.”

This sentiment underscores the importance of showcasing the capabilities of FSD to customers through firsthand experience.

Acknowledging the potential impact on delivery timelines, Musk affirmed, “I know this will slow down the delivery process, but it is nonetheless a hard requirement.”

Despite the potential delay, Tesla is prioritizing the integration and demonstration of FSD to ensure customers fully understand and appreciate its capabilities.

FSD 12.3.1 represents the latest iteration of Tesla’s premium driver assistance system, incorporating advancements and improvements to enhance functionality and performance.

By requiring its installation and activation before vehicle handover, Tesla aims to standardize the adoption of FSD among its customer base.

In addition to installing and activating FSD, customers will also be taken on a short test ride to experience the capabilities of the system fully.

This hands-on approach aims to familiarize customers with FSD’s features and build confidence in its performance.

As Tesla continues to innovate within the automotive industry, the integration of FSD into its delivery process reflects the company’s commitment to advancing technology and enhancing the customer experience.

With Elon Musk as the lead, Tesla remains at the forefront of automotive innovation, driving toward a future of sustainable transportation powered by cutting-edge technology.

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